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Interested in the topic of insurance? Then you might want to apply for this $1,000 grant

It’s never too late to decide to get a bachelor degree, and in today’s job market, it’s honestly the best investment you could make. That’s not to say you wouldn’t be able to get a job without a college degree, but having one under your belt will surely boost your chances.

However, for a lot of people it hard to make that leap thanks to different barriers in life that will prevent them from committing to a fixed on-campus schedule.

Fortunately, that’s why distance learning degrees were invented in the first place. This form of flexible education allows anyone to get a bachelor degree, even if they are also busy raising a family or holding down a job.

Online college programs are quite widespread right now. A quick search online will reveal a wide variety of distance learning degrees, but before you make your choice make absolutely sure you have zeroed in on an accredited program.

Anyway, accredited online college degrees are definitely not scarce these days, so you shouldn’t have a program finding the one that best suits your interests and needs.

But what about costs, you might be wondering? Well, distance learning degrees tend to be more affordable that their traditional counterparts, at least in general. Sure, some can be as expensive as regular programs, but the thing is, in the case of a digital bachelor degree you can save in other areas.

For example, you won’t have to rent a flat to live next to campus, nor will you have to worry about spending all that cash on commuting. Since you’ll be studying from home, you have all this covered, so you can re-use all that cash on paying for your online college degree instead.

But what if even with all those savings you realize you still don’t have enough to cover the full expenses? Well, then you’ll probably have to start looking for a scholarship for college. These funding programs are also available for students of distance learning degrees, so don’t worry about not being eligible.

Here’s such an example. It’s offered by the JRC Insurance Group and is available for students enrolled with an accredited college. You need to attach a copy of your transcripts in order to prove that, when you submit your application.

This is why it’s so very important you check for accreditation when enrolling with an online program. To make sure you will be eligible for scholarships.

Anyway, other requirements to apply for this grant include being at least 17 years of age.

If that’s you, then let us tell you that in order to register your candidature for the grant you’ll have to write an essay which explains “why the family breadwinner’s income should be protected by life insurance, and the characteristics displayed by those who put their family first.”

Your essay shouldn’t be longer than 1,000 words. The deadline for this grant is October 15, 2018. But don’t worry if you don’t make it, there’s another one set for February 15, 2019.

The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Scholarship Details and Requirements


  1. How do l submit the essay? Sorry l am in the rural areas l noticed the email jus now l do not have internet access always

  2. I rearly need this opportunity,just please help me to get this scholarship. i\’m rwandan if possible you can help me

  3. May you please help me with a scholarship, I wish to pursue my studies in MBA or Marketing related Masters Degree. I am a Zimbabwean citizen craving to study abroad

  4. I have high diploma in accounting management then i need scholoraship to start universty in London bachelor in business management please help me for scholoraship. Be blessed

  5. please give me the chance to get this scholrshp and would U like to give me the simple application in completing this register.U need to know that I am the fresh grafuated from Magister if Public Administration and I am the best graduation student with the prestation index 3.94

  6. Please consider also my kind request,i need a scholarship in pursuing my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering.

  7. I have been looking for this opportunity for a long time but I have not been opportune to have such but by the grace of God I will be expecting scholarship from you by the power of God

  8. Hi I\’m Admire am looking for a scholarship to study accounting or anything related abroad. I am a Zimbabwean citizen

  9. Hello

    I\\’m from Ethiopia. I\\’ve a degree
    in nursing and currently I\\’m
    working in one of the private
    hospital in Ethiopia. I would like to
    continue my studies by upgrading to
    surgery or gynecology. I will
    appreciate it if you grant me this

    Thank you

  10. To participate in this scholarship/grant contest, should one write on the topic above with February 15, 2019 as the deadline or should one wait for a different topic? That is, has this topic two different deadlines- October 15, 2018 and February 15, 2019?

  11. Iam so much interested in obtaining the scholarship to study Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering in abroad,currently i have a diploma in Agriculture and a specialist in Crop production and Management.I shall be very,very grateful for the kind consideration and positive response.

  12. Hello, am looking forward to getting a scholarship so that I can finish my studies at any London or Germany University for 2020, am still an undergraduate from Zimbabwe doing my last year at high school. Thank you

  13. hello, am looking forward in getting a scholarship i currently finished my metric and i would like to carry on with my studies so that i can get my family out of poverty cause my mother is not working and my grandmother is receiving pension money.

    Thank you for reading and i wish i can get this scholarship

  14. l need a full scholarship because I\’m a refugee in camp but I need study but I haven\’t many thanks.
    If you can\’t help me, It\’s will a good thing witch I will never forget in my live.

  15. its my humble request that you give me suport to continue with my studies because now am stuck.Thank you in advance

  16. Please I really need this scholarship to continue my education,can u please send me the link to apply for the scholarship

  17. I need full scholarship program to study post graduate course relating to solving environmental related problems in Canada or Austria

  18. I will be grateful will my request is granted to study wastewater treatment techniques or solid waste management i.e sanitary sciences

  19. Hi I\\’m salat I,have bachelor degree of puplic adminstration Iam looking for a master scholarship to study accounting or anything related abroad. I am Somalian citizen please give me a chance Iwas dreaming when I was young like this chance
    My watsAp

  20. Hi there I\’m Bwire Kenneth and I\’m a Ugandan
    I wish you grant me access to this scholar to forward my future

  21. I really want to study a Nursing and pursue my dream to become a doctor someday. Is this scholarship can help me?

  22. Pls i need this scholarship to further my education
    Watsapp.. 08037177291
    Cell phone… 08088962706

  23. i realy need this apprtounity for my study i m very poor and i want to complit my education and i m very intelgent i passed olmpyad in phisique and math and i intersted in chess

  24. I wish to get this scholarship if you give this volunaterily i can accept i have no money to save i am student if it is not possible clearily tell me

  25. I need the scholarship to study licences and masters in law in United states
    watsapp :+22995054518
    Numbers : 95054518

  26. Hello

    Am interested for this scholarship because i had a dream to study abroad.I will be very grateful if you grant me this scholarship to continue my education in bachelor degree/Health program in a field of midwifery.

    Thank you so much for considering my application.

  27. I am very interested to get this scholarship to pay my studies next year, because my parents can not afford it. If I get selected I\’ll do my best

  28. I want to study in medicine department so I need your help to get full scholarship. Please accept my request because this fortune is very important for my life. Please help as much as you can

  29. I desperately need this scholarship to further my studies in Business Entrepreneurship

    My phone no. +677 7114866

  30. Wow I like this opportunity plz u add me in the ones who will get this chances! A would like to further my university studies from abroad thank u

  31. Am willing to this offer but when am filling other details they require a credit card of which I lack, how do I acquire one please?

  32. I want to study medicine at WITS university and I would like to get a full scholarship to persuade my dreams…

  33. May 23,2019 at 09:44 am
    I am really interested in the Scholarship please do reach me at +252618869549

  34. i am Nelson, ugandan, i have a bachelors in Development studies and i would to up grade in M & E to a masters level and in need of help

  35. I dont understand what should i do so as to succes for those grants and free money to run my educational activities…….perhaps you provide the Articles which can crealizes me or what?

  36. Am interested for this scholarship because i had a dream to study abroad.I will be very grateful if you grant me this scholarship to continue my education in Masters or PHD degree/ by business administration or leadership.

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