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Trying to pay for a graduate law degree? This $1,000 scholarship might help

Should I get a master’s? That’s a question roaming in the minds of most graduates right after getting their bachelor’s. Well if you ask us, spending an additional year or two at university comes with great benefits.

But we know where you are coming from. You’re not sure whether you could actually afford paying for another degree right? Well, have you considered the option of enrolling with a masters degree online?

A masters degree online gives you access to in-depth knowledge on a subject, without robbing you of the opportunity to get a job and make some actual money while doing that. If your main concerns are financial, know that a masters degree online is a flexible affair, which would enable you to work, as well as study.

Once you step away from college education, it’s really hard to get back in the game. You might want to start a family or other distractions could end up popping up along the way, which might make it harder for you to enroll with a graduate off or online college degree.

So cease the moment and jump onboard with an online college degree now, and continue pursuing your college education. You won’t regret it. A master program will help you get a better paying job, and in today’s world knowledge is one of the most important currencies you can have available at your disposal.

As we said, an online college degree doesn’t usually put the same strain on your finances, as a traditional one. But if you’re still worried about the financial factor, know that many scholarships are open to graduate students. Yes, even students enrolled with online college education.

All you need to do is start searching online. You could even ask at your college of choice and see if they offer any graduate programs. If they don’t, it’s not a big problem. You can always go on the Internet and find the scholarships that will help you pay for graduate education.

Here’s an example of what we mean. This scholarship is offered by Hasner law firm and is open to students enrolled with a graduate college education.

However, the program has an eligibility requirement you need to take into consideration. You need to be a law student to apply.

But if that’s you, then you should know you can win a $1,000 scholarship simply by writing an essay based on the following topic:

What is distracted driving? What are the consequences of distracted driving, and what are some solutions to decrease the amount of accidents caused by distracted driving in the future?”

If you think you know the answer, then go ahead and start putting your thoughts down. Your essay should be no longer than 600 words and you have until October 15, 2018 to submit your application.

All entries will be judged on several criteria including originality, quality of the writing and responsiveness to the question asked. The winner will be announced a month later on November 15, 2018.



  1. Hey Sir!
    I really looking for fully-funded scholarship to study abroad in Australia! But do not have financial support to cover all the expenses.
    I have a Diploma in Human Nutrition from Cornell University in Ireland and would like to apply for bachelor degree in the same field.
    Please help me out!
    Many thanks,

  2. Hello This Geofrey From uganda With bachelor Of Arts With Education And Wish Further My Studies In The Field Of Economics Please Assist To Get ScholarshipS In Any Part Of The World

  3. I have interest to study in abroad,but i have financial problem,how can i get help and am an NCE holder in Nigeria

  4. I study metalwork technology in Fedaral college of education (technical) Potiskum Yobe state of Nigeria. Which is NCE, I complet it at 2017 and now I want move in to the university of Technology Inpirical at India. But the problem is lack of money, how can I get helppen?

  5. I got a degree in Quantity Surveying in Kenya the course is popularly known as cost estimating. I\’m interested in doing my masters in Canada, Germany.I\’d appreciate if you consider me in a sponsorship program of a course related to buildings.

  6. I am High School graduate who completed 2016. It is my dream to study political science at the tertiary level but lack of financial aid I\’m still at home. I will be much happy if I get assistance and prefer countries are USA and Canada

  7. Sir i have xii class paasssout student i have fully funded scolarship may give for australia ya any foreign country university scolarship
    And my choice is bussiness administration

  8. Hello, am Simon Acidri from Arua-Uganda with Diploma in Public Health but financial constraints have held me captive. please may I be part of this offer. God Bless

  9. Hi?. I am Allan Shah, I want a full scholarship program for procurement course or medicine course. I will highly appreciate your support.

  10. What should I do to get a fully funded scholarship to study forensic science? for I have never had a chance to get myself into any tertiary institution due financial constraints.
    Thank you.

  11. I really looking for fully-funded scholarship to study abroad in Australia! But do not have financial support to cover all the expenses.
    I have a MSc from Jimma University in Ethiopia and would like to apply for PhD in helath and health related field.
    Please help me out!
    Many thanks,

  12. Hello Admin,
    I am going to do my master in public health abroad but I couldn\’t and can not to afford it would someone give me a chance to study abroad( Australia, other European countries)?

  13. Hello dear Admin!
    I am from Burundi,I have Bachelor\’s degree in Psychology.I am really looking for fully-funded scholarship to study abroad in Australia but I don\’t have finacial support to cover all the expenses

  14. Hi admin I\’m ilyaas, I have graduated high school before 2yrs, now I\’m university student, I\’m preparing my first degree, I\’m studying department of public administration, but I need to get another degree from another department like nursing nursing so can you provide me as an online.

  15. I\’m Abdikani, I\’m have graduated high school in 2012 and still lacking an opportunity like this. I dreamt severally to study in Australia. I want to do engeering.

    can you please help.

  16. Hi Sir, I\’m Interested And I\’d Like To Follow With Master\’s Degree I Have Bachelor In Chemistry From Burundi University But Any Way To Find Financial Support!Your Help Please!Many Thanks

  17. am ready to receive but universities are opening in Early February and to start with other students, thanks alot

  18. Helo I Am Sonko Jamal From Uganda Aged 19. I Am A High School Graduate In History,literature,geography And Computer My Dream Is Studing Law But I Lack Financial Support .Can U Help Me. Thanks

  19. I am Seid ABDULJELIL and from Ethiopia.I have BSc in midwifery now I want to study clinical midwifery so please select me.

  20. Helow Many congrants of what you have been doing im elisha from Tanzania im looking for schoral ship for more studies please can you help me to solve this.

  21. hello, i have a degree and would want to pursue my masters degree but i am low financially. i would be happy if there is a scholarship or any opportunities for me. thank you

  22. Hello, I finished my advanced studies that is high school in 2015 and I failed to get funds to enable Me go back to school and if at am given the support more so financially I want to go for industrial art and design….. I will be glad if am considered

  23. Am a school leaver with distinctions in mathematics, science, commerce, history, religious education and a merit in english. I want to study abroad, Iam seriously looking for a full funded scholarship, please send me details on how to apply Iam really ready any time but I don\’t have financial support.

  24. I am Elisabeth I will have a degree in this year in hotel management course I want to learn hotel management as international level.

  25. Hi am away phallone, I am an under graduate but currently in a professional training institution studying in the field of transport and logistics. I wish to get a full scholarship in order to continue in this field.

  26. I am Connious. I have completed my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and I am in need of a full scholarship to study my PhD. My research areas are counselling and community psychology

  27. I am Mereseini, I am an under graduate but currently in the University of the South Pacific studying Mathematics and Information Technology. I wish to get a full scholarship in order to continue in this field.

  28. Hello sir
    I am from nepal. My family status is very low . I want to study bsc in agriculture in aboard. I don\’t have a much more money for study to aboard so, sir if you can help me please help me ..

  29. Please sir l really this scholarship because l an fatherless and l don\’t have anybody to train me in school.l will be happy if you accept my request.God bless you

  30. Am Ekipor Enock and not able to get my education career ,reason, my family is not able to make me get my vision.

  31. I\’m from Zimbabwe. I want a fully funded scholarship in Australia. I want to study Masters in Animal Nutrition. I don\’t have money to study abroad because of background. I\’m in need of your help. Thank you

  32. Je suis un étudiant nigérien, je souhaite avoir des informations précises sur les différentes possibilités de bourses. Merci

  33. Hello sir i want to study abroad in kanada but i dont have any type of financial help, i want to study H.S.C or honours in abroad i don\’t have money because of background, i need help please

  34. I\’m a self sponsored degree holder of public health student. If you give me a fully scholarship I promise to help the people in need e.g building orphanages and contributing to new skills on how to protect the environment against communicable and non communicable disease.

  35. I am Yitafer Kasawmar, I am an under graduate but currently in the University of the ASSOSA UNIVERISTY IN Ethiopian studying Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology 5th year student. I wish to get a full scholarship in order to continue in this field

  36. Am Smith Balaams and I wish to continue with my studies in computer software engineering and getting a full scholarship would do me well

  37. Am an undergraduate.year1. Nd am looking for online course scholarship on food technology or crop science nd job. With good college. Please

  38. I am Sowande Akeem Olamilekan I studied computer science at college of education please I want to further my degree please choose me

  39. hi! i\’m Girma from ethiopia and i am looking forward to be awarded the fully found scholarship to pursue masters degree in chemical engineering(same field of study;BSC IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING)

  40. I am interasted….. but I have not enough maney….I am Deaploma enginner power subject….I earn BSC degree in power/ automobail subject..i need help….total corse cost tale me….all cost tale me…plz….

  41. I am interested building my career on public administration after my first degree in social sciences majoring Development studies. I am looking forward to be awarded the fully found scholarship to pursue post graduate in public administration.

  42. मुझे college की व बि.एड.की पढाई के लिये बाहर जाना है

  43. Hello please i like your performance with help students with scholarship to study abroad. Please i need your help with scholarship to study of public health of bachelor degree now i have diploma with hope my application would be consider ameen thanks all.

  44. Hello. I need a scholarship of Master\’s degree in Public health. I will appreciate if I get an opportuni
    ty to study abroad

  45. Dear sir:
    I would like to go for further Education by your help.
    I am high school graduate since 2016.
    I wish to do my best and respect all the laws.
    Best regards

  46. I am really interested to study abroad,since my parents got financial problems.So it is really hard for my parents to put me in abroad.So if i get the scholarship i want to take business as i am so much interested in business activities and entrepreneurship.If i become a successful business person it will not only benefit myself but also to the social,because our country bhutan is one of undeveloped country out people or the students face so many problems to get job or to be if i can start a business i feel that i can help the society.
    Therefore its my humble request that if i get a scholarship it will be very greatful

  47. Pls how can you help me to study abroad i have financial problem i need a fully funded scholarship in order for me to be a graduate im diploma regards

  48. Pls how can you help me to study abroad i have financial problem i need a fully funded scholarship in order for me to be a graduate im diploma regards

  49. Pls how can you help me to study abroad i have financial problem i need a fully funded scholarship in order for me to be a graduate im diploma regards

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