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£28,750 per Year – Wolfson Scholarship for Postgraduate Degree Programs

Students applying for postgraduate degree programs in Humanities at Warwick University can obtain the Wolfson Scholarship, which consists of £28,750 for tuition fees and an annual sum of £24,403 for education and living costs. In order to be eligible, students must apply for a postgraduate full time or part time program in Languages, History or Literature and must come from UK or EU.  If you are interested in this scholarship, you can discover more about in on this link.

Warwick University seems to be a good place to study Humanities, as this is not the only scholarship for students interested in this domain. Another scholarship available for postgraduate students at Warwick University is Midlands4Cities AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council). The scholarship is awarded to students from UK and EU and it covers the tuition fees for the 3,5 years of the degree program. Applicants from UK will also receive an amount for study and living costs. The scholarship will be offered to the best candidates selected through a rigorous academic competition.  Beside funding, the scholarship also offers training and support for building the best academic and research skills.


The application process is open on 8 October 2018 and the deadline for it is 14 January 2019. Candidates are advised to start their application early, as the process has multiple stages.  One of the stages is finding two professors supervisors for the doctoral project. Candidates are recommended to start searching one in October-November. You can read more about the scholarship on the university’s website.

If a PhD is not what you are looking for and you are more interested in obtaining a bachelor or a masters degree, you can learn more about college education online. Obtaining a college education online is not so unusual today, as more and more students around the globe enroll and graduate from online schools. There are many online schools available, open to international students and offering a great variety of degree programs and study areas. When thinking about getting a college education online, one important aspect you must bear in mind is the accreditation of the university you apply to. Accredited online universities are the recommended choice because they guarantee that the diploma you will obtain is valuable on the workforce market and it is recognized by other universities.

Whatever type of college education you choose, online or traditional, make sure that you get all the information you need about their advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Wanted to know if i can be given a full time scholarship in post graduate programs especially master of science in plant breeding

  2. am Joseph C. Njawala need part time scholarship in bachelor\’s degree credit risk management. so please grant me this scholarship.

  3. I\’m Benjamin from Ghana my qualification is diploma in education I want to know if I can be given any first degree program with full time scholarship. thanks

  4. My name is Nelson lakpor I want to be part of this scholarship
    I want to study English and literature
    I live in Liberia Monrovia I am a high school graduate

  5. Hello my name is Simon mtinge from Tanzania i ask can i apply degree my education level is form six i need full time scholarship

  6. am Daniel Okoth Anyanga, qualified with diploma in environmental health science, am requesting for a scholarship to pursue degree in public health in Texila American university.

  7. am kepsize a song writer and a musicians from The Gambia.
    you can search for some of my videos on YouTube by the name kepsize.
    well if they is any help it\’s my pleasure for applying

  8. I am Fikre Tadesse from ethiopia….
    An BSC Nurse professionalist…
    Am seeking to study Masters in the field of Nursing…….
    Stream of….pediatric and child health Nursing
    Or infectious disease
    Or Adult health Nursing….
    Human Nutrition…
    Help me!

  9. may i get scholarship for bachelor degree in records and archive management with a GPA 3.8 FROM Tanzania Public Service College

  10. Hie, can i please find the funding for my tuition whilst studying at my local university? I really need someone to sponsor me in my degree programme here in Malawi. Thanks

  11. im Bobby Lawrence Gaye, a graduate of the University of Liberia and currently living in Liberia but seeking postgraduate scholarship in Publice Procurement Management in any Universities overseas. hope to hearing from you soon.

  12. Thank
    I\’m Tanzanian-zanzibar, I prefer to have a scholarship for master program in the hospitality management so as to fill a gap in my hospitality institution

  13. Bonjour,
    J\’ai besoin d\’une bourse d\’étude de master.pourriez-vous m\’aider?
    Comment puis-je obtenir une bourse d\’étude ?
    Merci de votre compréhension.

  14. Am Aliganyira innocent. Am from Uganda this is really wonderfull to meet such opportunities for Africa. This is pleasing am interested in full filling my dream if sponsored by this company am ready to study bachelor of arts in economics. Nice time am waiting for your positive response.

  15. I really need a schorlship to study a
    MBA, masters in people management and Master in Counselling and cognitive science. waiting for you response and grateful to study with you or everywhere possible

  16. Hi kindly I am truelly seeking for scholarship may you please if you can help just contact me via +26658556607/+26656003434.

  17. Iam mohamed tohob mohamed iam somalia i have degree of public administration may i get master of international relationship thanks for you helping

  18. Hi….I am from central Africa Republic, and I\’m looking for scholarship which can allow me to continuous my study in Economy.

  19. I am from Nepal I want to study veterinary This schoolatship is soo much needed to me please select me

  20. Iam verry happy to study faculty of medicine and i would like to continues my education and thank you for your help

  21. Am seeking a scholarship for a bacherlor degree in architecture, am from uganda with a diploma in architecture

  22. Hi My name is oweka david okello,i received an email saying that my application has been approved . what should i do now am from uganda

  23. I thank you for this chance..i am lucy from Kenya..seeking a scholarship in nursing… Looking forward to your response

  24. looking for a scholarship for postgraduate in wild life conservation..i\’ll be thankful if i find such kind of opportunity…thanks

  25. I want to get this scholarship to complete my Masters degree in Civil Engineering and why I do not have money

  26. I\’m Olayemi from Nigeria,I have diploma in banking and finance and a degree in the same course. Pls I need a scholarship in any related courses in a school that offers free scholarship and job

  27. hello my name is james taipi from malawi am looking for scholarship to help me to complete my education please consider me to be gaining from this scholarship,is iwill be greatful if yöu consider me thank you

  28. Am kakooko roger. I want to study real estate management and investment degree,do you have any scholarship for such a programme?

  29. my name is samson tsikwa, i wanted to know if i can find a full time scholarship of MBA ,i am currently in Zimbabwe

  30. my name is anthony rukudzo choto , looking for a postgrad scholarship to study medical physics in europe

  31. I really need funding for my studies. I really didn\’t think I was going to get in university but now that I am, I have no way of paying

  32. Hy my name is hasnain recently i was did my fsc i want to get scholarship for bsc kindly help me to find the fully funded scholarship.

  33. Hy my bame is hasnain riaz i was did recently fsc i want to get bsc fully funded scholarship kindly help me .. thanks

  34. I seeking support to study bachelor\’s in local governance and human rights which I have started in Uganda martyrs university in year one but I really need support to finish the three remaining years.God bless you.

  35. Hello, my name is Tiwi, I live in Indonesia. I want to achieve my dreams by continuing my studies abroad. I want to get a scholarship in the fields of health and medicine or computers and IT. Please help me to get the scholarship

  36. Hello..My name is Quonie Emmanuel Magalasi. I am a malawian national asking full scholarship to study bachelor of medicine bachelor of surgery and become a doctor that is what i want in my life. please help me

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