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Are you a Photoshop pro? Then quick, apply for this $500 scholarship

While online universities are the cheapest alternatives when it comes to getting a higher-education these days, there are still quite a lot of fees involved.

Indeed, in some cases as you enroll with an online school you’ll find that costs might be lower than in the case of traditional degrees. But on average, fees don’t differ that much. Still this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to save some money if you do choose the option to attend an online school.

You see in the case of online universities you won’t have to spend additional funds on renting a new place close to campus or spend cash on daily commutes. Instead, you’ll be able to use all that money to pay for the fees of your online school.

And if you want to make sure, you opt for the least expensive option, you should consider enrolling with an online associate degree. An online associate degree is actually the most affordable way to get a higher education. It takes only up to two years to complete and obviously its price a lot lower than a traditional bachelor program.

In some cases, students can graduate from an online associate degree much faster. For example, some programs take only around 16 months to complete. But keep in mind that only select online universities offer these kind of option, it’s not a standard.

Anyway, while an associate program might be the cheapest road to a higher education degree, some students might find they still can’t afford to pay for one. It’s understandable, and you shouldn’t panic if that’s the case you are in.

Instead, you should start looking for scholarships immediately. Students of online universities, are as eligible as traditional ones to apply for funding. The first step would be to enquire at your school of choice and see if they offer any such scholarships.

If they don’t, start looking online. The internet is the biggest database of funding programs, and there’s a big chance you will find the scholarships that are right for you in there.

Check out, for example, the Pretty Photoshop Actions Scholarship Program which is open for high school seniors who are looking to go to college, or for those who are already in college.

In order to apply, candidates are asked to compose an essay styled as an Adobe Photoshop Tutorial. The paper should be between 800 and 1,000 words in-length and is expected to be based on one of the five questions available on the webpage.

For example, you could try and answer this question: “How Photoshop has changed photography”.

So if you know your way through Photoshop, you’re invited to submit your application. The winning essay will receive a $500 scholarship to cover his/her college expenses.

You should know that the program is bi-annual which means it has two deadlines a year. One is set for October 15, while the second is on April 15. So if you don’t make the first, you can always make the second.


  1. Hello
    I want this scholarship coz I\’m need of it.
    As the university I\’m studying now is under scam and looted our money i.e Washington university of Barbados. So to continue my medicine study i need money.
    Kindly help me.

  2. I am a south African and I am 23 years old, I need need the opportunity to study project manager and also I need funding for my education to further it continuously ,I have matric only

  3. Hi im Grishma ,a student of poor country nepal. I want to have my further education in USA. I want to study in medical so as to serve my country. So i need That opportunity to bring a ray of light to my study .

  4. Am keita Oumar from Guinea. I have finished with my high school degree. now am looking for scholarship to pursue my education. i need your help to grand me that scholarship

  5. Please i really need a scholarship to study degree in nursing. i will be greatful if you help me achieve my dreams (goals)

  6. I really need this offer am on course of nursing in Uganda l need to be helped in tuition please give me this chance

  7. my name is maxamed nour guuleed I need to staying engineer build but I need a money because I don\’t have money so that I need to get opportunity please help me this need thanks you contesting me phone 0634716450

  8. I am orphan I really need a scholarship I am a student of BS political science and I am Pakistani please help me I want to continue our education once again please help me please

  9. Hi, I need this funding, Wana study teaching or public management. Im an orphan, so pls pls help me, I\’m looking after my brothers and I\’m not working

  10. Hi I\’m call Rosel.Please i really need this scholarship in other to study marketing overseas so as to upgrade my skill.

  11. Hello everybody, I need this scholarship, because I\’m condition to continue for study,, I would like to have good Luck this,, and them I Need to help , i want to continue in this university, and legalise my dreams . contact , 842102719

  12. I am poor student, so I need to study my degree in India, so as I need scholarship from you with short period of time to fulfill my dreams for further future, so from Urs blessing my carrier become bright.

  13. I am Rwandan Bachelor\’s Degree in Public Administration i need the offer of Masters Degree in Business Administration or Project management Please help me to achieve my goals

  14. hello , first of all I thenk you for this opportunity you have given to the world even though I may not get it I thank you for this Idea you had .
    About me, I applied for this scholarship because I have a dream to be a pillot and I applied hopping that you may help me to make my dream a goal, please help me to achieve my goal .
    today am studying in Rwanda a combination of Math physics and geography . please help me to find a school and how to study , I promise to be the best of your students you help.
    thank you for your time taken
    on me .

  15. I really need this scholarship because i have compieted high school in 2018 and I want to study abroad beside to this.

  16. Hi
    Im 25 from Swaziland. I really need a scholarship to study Law in UK. please I really need your assistance.

  17. I need a scholarship to study abroad.I have a degree in Banking and Finance and want to do masters.Am a Zimbabwean 22 years old

  18. I am Stacy Atieno from Kenya. I would really like to pursue a degree in computer science in a good university abroad. This would make my longtime dream a reality. I need the scholarship so bad and i hope that i get it. Thank you.

  19. Iam faham abdul azizi am realy realy interested to have a bursary to complete my education so please take in your bursary please

  20. hie im Nollan from Zimbabwe im desperately looking for a law scholarship …i want to achieve my dreams ..i would be grateful if u can help

  21. I am in dire need of this bursary since I am about to complete my undergraduate degree in agriculture. However I am not able to cater for my upkeep and tuition fee. Please consider my request.

  22. I want to travel and study in Abroad .
    I am a Registered Midwife and want to be a Gynaecologist Oncologist after my study to come and serve mine people.
    I am a Librarian.

  23. I am very thankful for this offer and also I\’m looking forward to get this scholarship because I really need it

  24. I completed National diploma in mechanical engineering and would wish to go for bachelors degree but don\’t have money so please help me

  25. Hi I need a good scholarship, can I get BBA field scholarship ? if you can give me so please contact Afghanistan numbers 0093785246323 or email.

  26. I\’m from Zimbabwe. I’m the eldest son of my father\’s siblings in the family of my grandfather where l am the achiever of the Advanced level and would want to go to the university to acquire a degree in a family where nobody achieved any tertiary education. My application for an undergraduate post is to become an academic among the academics in the world. From the background of my poor families l would want to be assisted to have my dreams come true. Therefore, may l have this opportunity to learn more and develop the world for the good of creating employment and more ventures for the good of humanity.
    Thank you for your time and attention. And would want to greatly appreciate this opportunity, as well as the chance to have it for a scholarship.

  27. I\’m Lawrence Yala from Papua New Guinea. I want to travel and study Abroad .
    I am a Registered General Nurse and Ophthalmic Clinician. Iam currently the manager of Mendi Provincial Eye Clinic. I want to be a good manager of the Clinic after my in Public Health Management study to come back and serve mine people.
    I really need full scholarship to for this masters in Public health .

  28. I\’m from Ethiopia. I need full scholarship to study master\’s of public health. I am currently holder of bachelor\’s degreee in public health. I hope i am the winner one

  29. i am samuel Dagne. I am an Ethiopian. I have MPH in Human nutrition. now, i wana study Phd in Human nutrition in any of European countries.

  30. Hey,Am kinyiri Ashman from Uganda and am requesting for a scholarship in Business administration I have good results.

  31. Am Ugandan.I need this scholarship to study performing arts in canada as my mum cannot afford to pay. Please

  32. I need scholarship to continue with busses studies in university.Any chance am ready but am lucking funds to support myself.Am looking for any organization to offer me full bursaries.(African/Uganda my country)

  33. I need scholarship please help me. Any chance am ready but, am lucking of money to support myself. I will be very grateful if my name will be picked, thanks.

  34. Mr admin,i want to study ICT everywhere ,but i can\’t hava money and everything needed to do it,i\’m very sad with this missed oportinity.but i\’m very thankful for everything you did.

  35. looking for a fully funded scholarship for a bachelors in civil engineering or else land surveying and geomatics,thanks.

  36. I applied for this because i dream to be a succesfull someday and taking up Business administration major in marketing and access to your scholarship would be my success. Help me to reach my goals ma\’am and sir i promise to be a good student and i know that i can do will.take me as part of your program please god knows how determination i have to be part of this and god knows how badly i need this. just want to say that i have this not so rich family i mean i have this parents that could provide our food 3times a day and seeing them happy makes my heart melt. Thats why i want to applied to this program because i know that i could help them in this kind of way. Thankyou & godbless.

  37. Hello Bary and David, thank you for the emails I have been receiving, I really need your support. I kindly request that we be in touch.+256776044508. Am in Uganda and just know am your friend and am always praying for you.

  38. Please I need scholarship to study in Canada pharmacy actually I really need your support to study thank you my phone number is +250787106674

  39. Hai Greetings to you all
    Am Lushomo From Zambia.
    Am asking if you can grant me that scholarship, am coming from a poor family and am the only hope for my family.
    Please.. Please..

  40. I’m from Nigeria I wish to apply for scholarship to study bachelor in computer science esteemed university in Canada. I attended my secondary school as my \

  41. I need help please help am really not good with this situation if I don\’t get this scholarship I don\’t think I can continue schooling and they will also deport me so please I need $10000 to $15000 for my fees please help me God please let them

  42. I\’m Olawumi Iyanu, am seeking for scholarship to study further in my Education, with a course MINING ENGINEERING. Please I will be happy if you can help me. Thank you

  43. I\’m from Ethiopia and graduated with BA in Archaeology and heritage management now i\’m searching for scholarship i need Ur support

  44. I am an undergraduate student who desires to do business but currently without enough financial support to accomplish my dream

  45. Good day I am presently doing master in Molecular diagnosis in Nigeria,it is a new course in West Africa,my project is quite expensive,i need assistance to help me out with the project,and promptly please

  46. I\’m business school student at ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY, I really need scholarship, i\’m requesting you kindly!

  47. Iam Ahmed Babiker Salih Ahmed Sudanese by nationality from Sudan I would like to study aboard to make master degree in public and Environmental health. So definitely l like this golden opportunity.

  48. I want educate in MBA master of bussenes and Administration in USA if you have there any free teution fees with all acomondation university I am ready to study. Thanks

  49. I need a scholarship. And study to germany.
    Pleasee!!!. And i wanna to learn cursous english language influece.

  50. I want this scholarship for betterment of my future
    So that I can be a successful softwre engineer. …
    Please provide me an email realted so that I can get this scholarship…

    Abhinav Chahal

  51. Iam from Papua New Guinea I need this opportunity to take up this scholarship program. I could like to take up Petroleum engineering.
    Plsease assist me to secure this scholarship.
    Best regards
    Jonah kandambao

  52. Am a poor student. I need to go to the college and I have no money to pay a fee.
    I need your help to get money/ scholarship in order to improve my education

  53. I am from Gambia an am really in need of this scholarship to complete my dreams in UK or Canada. I would like to study sociology.

  54. I am Rwandan and I am 22 years old, I need need the opportunity to study Electrical Engineering and also I need funding for my education to further it continuously ,I have matric onl

  55. I am doing BS hons in botany and this is my last smester next I want to do Mphil at scholarship from canaday. Can I get any scholarship??

  56. I need this scholarship of MBA because I want to continue with my studies. Let me complete my dreams in UK or Canada

  57. Iam thokozan kaukambo from Malawi I really need an undergraduate scholarship in bachelor of science in medicine please at any university, please help me

  58. Good morning,

    I am NGHOKO TATIANA Carine from Cameroon. Please I really need a masters degree scholarship in nutrition or pharmacology. I will be very grateful to continue my studies by any help from any abroad countries.

    Thanks in advanced

  59. My name is olorundareomolola precious i am from a poor family in Nigeria pls I need scholarship to study civil engineering in Canada to help my poor family

  60. i eagerly need scholarship epidemiology i commend your painstaking effort to alongside student across the world

  61. I\’m from Swaziland,I do not have a family.Life is not easy ,im kindly applying for this scholarship so that I can make my life better.

  62. I am a Sierra Leonean. I am 24 years old. I have sat to my West African secondary school certificate examination with clear standing.
    I want yo pursue my academic career. I will be so grateful if you offer me this scholarship

  63. I promise to be honest and humble as you expect me to be .
    I will be looking forward to your call ,as and when necessary.
    Below are my contacts

  64. I need a scholarship to study bachelor\’s degree in in library science, currently I hold a diploma in library science.

  65. Please l need a scholarship to continue with my studies. Am currently going automotive engineering please consider me.

  66. Am Elisha from DRCongo, but I live in Uganda as refugee. I have finished with my high school degree, now am looking for scholarship to pursue my education.
    I need your help to join me that scholarship

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