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ASA Minority Fellowships Worth up to $ 15,000

Each person longs for a decent education that definitely gives them opportunities that they could use to improve their future. However, having a degree program or college education is not an easy task to do. There are many obstacles that exist in today’s society. In addition, school fees increase steadily, as do college loans that increase your interest. Although, through the help of technology, there are now some alternative platforms to learn, such as online education.

The grant has already made a name by giving legitimate support to those aspiring fellows. They supported more than 500 people in the search for a doctorate in sociology for a period of 44 years.

Fortunately, there are still people who are willing to help aspiring students in their studies to obtain a university study program, university education or online education. Most of them are getting their funds through different projects, such as selling products or asking donors, churches or individuals. All the needs of applicants to fulfill some requirements or tasks that are requested vary according to the organization. Prices and support also depend on the capacity of the donor and his program.

Scholarship Value – Up to $ 18,000 will be awarded to students under this program.

One of the financial supporters is the ASA Minority Fellowship degree program, which aims to help people who wish to obtain a doctorate in sociology. Through the Scholarship Program for Minorities (MFP), the American Association of Sociologists (ASA) is providing assistance for the development and training of sociologists in any area or discipline. It seeks to create skilled PhD students who will undergo a diverse and highly trained workforce. This will also assume leadership roles in conducting relevant research in today’s society.

The grant has already made a name by giving legitimate support to those aspiring fellows. They supported more than 500 people in the search for a doctorate in sociology for a period of 44 years.

The application of each one of the people who submitted their candidacy is reviewed by the Consultative Panel of the Scholarship Program of Minorities of ASA. Each member is appointed by the Executive Director of ASA and approved by the ASA Board. It is called annually during the spring time to select the finalist.

The annual stipend that will receive the people who won the grant will have a value of $ 18,000. The arrangements for the payment of school expenses are made with the educational institution. To get some full details, you can visit here. Use this offer to advance your college education today.


  1. Good Day!

    I hope this email will find you well. I am a young man aged 24. I matriculated 6 years back thus in 2012 and I attained a Diploma pass. However I have been trying to make ends meet by looking for employment and raise some funds to help me quick start the pursuit of my career in Civil Engineering. Unfortunately the situation remains bitter and tense due to unemployment caused by lack of competing skills.

    Furthermore as I remain steadfast to my dream of being a Civil Engineer in a near coming future I visited a couple of colleges and universities enquiring the tuition prices. Therefore the best out of the rest of the institutes which I visited, was INTEC Technical College. The college offers the course for R24000 over a period of 2 years. The money can be paid straight into their bank account.

    I hereby seek for assistance for the tuition fee. I am willing to pay back the money after my studies as soon as I get employed.

    I am hopefully looking forward to hear the best from you. Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards

    Lynnscent Mukamba(+27643636128)

  2. Good day/mornx
    I am a Cameroonian by nationality presently undertaking my first degree in d field of geography and environmental science but due to d siocal and political uprising in d northwest and south west regions of d country education is been constantly interrupted
    And i would so much like to obtain not only a degree in my field bt also a master degrees and i wish to seek for financial assistance to study out of this country
    I am hopefully looking forward to hear from you
    Kind regards

  3. I am a young Tanzanian girl seeking to purse my bachelor degree abroad in Accounting and finance I am in need of scholarship I am hopefully looking forward to hear from you Thank you.

  4. Thank you
    I am Dawit Endashawu from Ethiopia and I am interested to attend my education abroad and I like to apply.

    Best regards

  5. Are you serious give a Scholarship !!!
    If yes, you are a beautiful person.
    I have ambition but the war is surrounding me. Help me.
     You can help me and I\’m sure of it, but do not ignore me.

  6. I am by name kabeer isah, i am interested to study abroad please help me out. I am from Nigeria. Thank you alot. Looking forward to your reply.

  7. l am a Ghanaian by nationality.
    My name is Abdulsalam Study.
    I am having Diploma in Environmental Sanitation And Education.
    I am having financial problems I have no money. I am appealing to the authority to help me with a scholarship to study abroad. I am 40years old. I want to do my masters abroad.

  8. Am a Ugandan. I am requesting for a scholarship abroad. I want of do bachelor of medicine and badge of surgery. Thank you

  9. This is a hope that would reinstate my almost fading dream. I pledge to be considered top amongst those in the list. Am mr. Duku Emmanuel Charles a South Sudanese by nationality wishing to study medicine and surgery

  10. I am Sheryl from Kenya… I would love to get this scholarship and study abroad so that I van be able to help my community..

    I would love to apply..what is the procedure?

  11. Obtenir verte bourse gratuite serait un grand honneur et me permettra de continuer mes études supérieurs. Donc oui je suis intéressé. Merci beaucoup pour tout

  12. I will be very happy to have someone being part of my success story if I get the opportunity here to study abroad.

  13. Thank you. My name is Kristaci Bryant, I\’m a 17 years old from the small island of Jamaica and this would be the opportunity of a life time

  14. my country Sierra Leone is suffering from hunger and starvation, i want to study abroad in order for to gain more knowledge in Agriculture and help in the development of my country. my name is Mohamed Alie Kargbo. i want to do my master in crop science please give me this opportunity.

  15. Am henry from Eastern part of Nigeria,100 level industrial chemistry student,I will appreciate if am given this opportunity so as to subdue the burden on my guidiance.

  16. It will be my pleasure to pursue a degree from your institution and it has been always my dream to study abroad this has always being my obstacle money or sponsorship suppose that I get given a backup I will appreciate.

  17. I am Paul Kibuka from Uganda and wishing to study a PhD in business administration. Am in need of financial support friend. God bless.

  18. My name is Esther Tetteh and a Ghanaian,I completed Senior High in 2012 and up to date am still at home due to financial problem. I will be much privelleged if I get a scholarship to study abroad.

  19. je suis intéressé et le fait d\’avoir une bourse d\’étude est l\’un de mes rê en russie et j\’ai des problèmes serai très privilégié si je reçois une bourse d\’étude pour étudier à l\’étranger

  20. I am interested and having a scholarship is one of my dreams.I am Russia and I have financial problems.I will be very privileged if I get a scholarship to study at foreign

  21. I am Mbali Malinga and i am interested,i am i need of financial support and i will be very privileged if i get a scholarships to study abroad. I will be happy to get this opportunity and thank you for your time and i am hoping to hear from you.

  22. I am Elmary Rossouw i really need scholarship to carry on with my studies …. I have the problem of money …. I really need this scholarship

  23. i am sipho moyo.i am greatly wish to have a scholarship to persuade my studies to meet my dream of being a geotechnical engineering .i have money problem for i to attain my dreams.

  24. i will really appreciate this if i get this scholarship because i encountered a money problem i could not afford to take it on my own thats why i am seeking for a help

  25. Msc physics completed soon.i wish to continu my higher studies for M.phil physic in europe on fully scholarship but how i have no idea i have no bankbalance much to afford so plz guid me for thi how i can get scholarship in ur universty

  26. I\’m Venuste Nshimirimana From Burundi I Need A Full Scholarship To Study Master\’s Degree Abroad Please Help Me To Accomplish My Dreams My Contact Is +25769682976 Thx

  27. As an individual with a lot of dreams that can be put to reality with the intervene of a bursary I am student doing my final year at high school from the Southern side of Africa..South Africa

  28. thanks so much for this opportunity,am a Cameroonian by national and I leave in the south region,Due to finance cause by the crisis in the region I am not able to further my education.Am grateful for this opportunity to study under graduate degree in business administration because I did administrative technic (information management and communication)I have a diploma but could not continue to degree level because of lack of finance

  29. Thanks for the opportunity,, I\’m from Nigeria. I will be very happy to study abroad..And to study intelligent and security studies?

  30. I\’m from Zimbabwe. I’m the eldest son of my father\’s siblings in the family of my grandfather where l am the achiever of the Advanced level and would want to go to the university to acquire a degree in a family where nobody achieved any tertiary education. My application for an undergraduate post is to become an academic among the academics in the world. From the background of my poor families l would want to be assisted to have my dreams come true. Therefore, may l have this opportunity to learn more and develop the world for the good of creating employment and more ventures for the good of humanity.

    Thank you for your time and attention. And would want to greatly appreciate this opportunity, as well as the chance to have it for a scholarship.

  31. i am from Ethiopia. I Immensely interested to have fix this chance to study in your prestigious university.And i hope so you accept me for i have high interest .
    wishing you all the best!

  32. I\’m yet to join A\’level and I am Ugandan but I hope my scholarship will start right away from this level bacause I am vulnerable !!

    but all will be well with this scholarship.

  33. Hi sir,

    Please help me secure a placement offer and fees payment to Singapore University to do MBA(Executive programmes) in year 2020 June-2020 till June 2021( full scholarship) MBA.
    I need your support and help very much, secondly same said at Queensland University in Australia.

    thanks and please conduct me further on scholarship s.

  34. I will be very grateful to get a scholarship to study abroad. I hold a diploma in nursing am willing to further my education and a scholarship will make my dream come true.

  35. helo, i am from pakistan. i\’m really interested in this scholarship. please help me how can i register myself. i did my BS in English literature.Getting scholarship is my biggest dream. i really want to study abroad.

  36. I am undergraduate and am really asking for you to help me obtain a fully funded scholarship to study in the field of engineering. my names are Jonathan kanyama

  37. Hi! am Sandwell from Zambia,
    am humbly requesting for the sponsorship for my studies so that i may too help others in future. Ready to payback. All in all I can be very appreciated if my request can be considered.

  38. I want to study for a teacher.
    My mother is a widow and cant afford to pay for my studies. Please help me . I want tonstart in 2020.

  39. Am interested in studying abroad with determination and focused but the problem is that my mum doesn\’t have money for fees and I have interest in studying

  40. Am Hussein Molu Dido from kenya i would like to study nursing ,that was only my dream in my life beside that am an orphan and my mother cannot afford to pay college fees for me please i need an assistance …

  41. Am Rosemary Mukoyi from Zimbabwe l would like to study chemical engineering abroad please can l be considered in your scholarship my parents cannot afford to pay college fees

  42. am really interested in this
    thank you for your consideration
    your quick respect will be highly appreciated.

  43. Getting this opportunity will mean a lot for both me and my mum. Admission into the university is really difficult here idikwu

  44. I\’m moneer Mustafa Ahmed from sudan
    I have a long time to searching like this chance
    And I\’m really like it and interested

  45. Am a zambian.I would love and be greatful if i were granted the scholarship of studying abroad.please am diligently looking for the scholarship,however, I will be greaful if taken,,holding to your reply

  46. Deer Sir, Assalamu Alaykom .
    I want to obtain a phd degree in animal production specially in poultry as full fees ascholarship
    I want you to help me
    Thank you in advance

  47. Dear Sir, Assalamu Alaykom .
    I want to obtain a phd degree in animal production specially in poultry as full fees ascholarship
    I want you to help me
    Thank you in advance

  48. Iam still hunting for sponsorship I have a passion for languages I want to study a masters degree I already have a bachelors from University of Zambia

  49. I am Ayele Ribiso I\’m interested in your scholarship grant because I apply in Germany Kingston University at GISMA School of Business so right now almost I get the opportunity of education but there is no tuition fee and visa payment please help me the hole payment is £16500 out of this 1st payment of GISMA is £2000 this is urgent please help me…..

  50. Thanks for the opportunity,, I\\’m from Nigeria. I will be very happy to study abroad..And to study accounting

  51. I am glad to hear this golden chance and am from Ethiopia with highly interested to learn abroad in the fields of law

  52. Thank you very much for your support for me to study abroad.
    I am so grateful.
    Effah Samuel Agyei from Ghana.

  53. Well Thanks I will be happy if my tuition fee is been pay or given. I want to learn a be a great help to my country.

  54. Thank you for your strong attention for students who are willing to study but just because of fees that is why they have really been struggling to get this opportunity presented for them.

  55. i\’m Lamin Kanuteh from The Gambia, am in desperate need of scholarship. I sit in my room thinking that there is someone out there to help me fulfilled my dream, but that someone never comes.
    Is hard for me to believed that I will get helped from someone to pursued my dream in the field of computer science

  56. I am student in secandary school located in somali öne of best school in the city of mogdisho i would like to study in turkey becous i like that
    I reques to take somali

  57. I am Amanuel samuel from Ethiopia and I am interested to attend my education abroad and I like to apply

  58. Hello,I\’m Josephine Cooper from Liberia.I am really interested in sturding so that I can earn a living to have a better future.

  59. Congrats ! But am looking for a scholarship to further my studies in the field of actuarial sciences, how can I access one?

  60. I\’m interested in the scholarship to further my education in aboard. I graduated year 2015 then I attended ST Stephen institute of Technology I study Human resources management, Business Law, Business Administration, English language proficiency and information technology and how am doing studying cabin crew…Please am in need of the scholarship to further my education in aboard

  61. I will be grateful when selected as part of the successful applicants. I want to study degree in medicine. and i also like to help the patients in all the time, in fact that is my vision here in nigeria or abroad considering where Almighty god will make it to succeed thanks.

  62. Good day ,i happy to see that ivew been accepted …..i really need this scholarship ,but where do i fiish registering ?

  63. My name is Josepha,am Rwandan,I have studied Mental Health Nursing,I wish a full scholarship for studying Medicine/Psychiatric.thanks for my considerations.

  64. I am Abdulakeem from Nigeria, please I\’m I need of help to build my carrier in having a Bsc horn in Marketing or ICT.
    It\’s quite a while that have been finding mix to get it but due to financial help I was unable to get it.
    Please once again I will be highly glad and I\’m gonna appreciate it if am fully support and get helped to achieve my carrier aim.

  65. am 20 years old from Uganda and just finished high school
    i would like to get a scholarship for a bachelors in pharmacy of medicine

  66. I am najma 18 years oldI need scolar ship in degree for study doctor pls I need your help to get full scolar ships

  67. Hello I\’m Clarisse from rwanda..I need help for study I finished high school.. thanks for feedback reply

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