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$ 1,500 Online Music Scholarship

Berklee Online School now offers a music scholarship, this scholarship is my association with celebrities known to provide assistance through online classes. This online education is designed for students who want to learn more about music. Celebrities will support students for their musical dreams and careers. An amount of $ 1,500 will be awarded to each student targeted by celebrities for these online classes.

The Berklee online school offers access to Berklee’s acclaimed educational programs from anywhere in the world. Berklee online courses are awarded, multi-course certificates, and undergraduate and graduate certificate programs are certified and trained by the incredibly famous staff of the school, which provides deep-rooted learning opportunities to people inspired by music and who work in the music business.

Students can improve their musical skills through the online music degree program. Most online courses last up to 12 weeks of learning in their programs. Students from more than 140 countries around the world share their skills through online education.

The Berklee Online School will also award a prize of 16 certificates to students per quarter. The requirements for these scholarships are the most important, since you are an online student who successfully completed the first online course, being enrolled in a certified program with a GPA of 3.7 or higher, it must also be recommended by your instructor, not before. Berklee Online Celebrity Online Bursary Scholarships. Keep in mind that you must submit your application before the end of the term that ends in 5 weeks.

Untitled students who have taken at least one credit course with the Berklee online school can apply this course credit for a Certificate Program and be instantly considered for Celebrity Online classes. The path to applying for a course credit to a declaration program is simple, your academic consultants would be happy to guide you through the points of interest. All the details about this online education will be thoroughly assisted.

Remember that students in a bachelor’s or graduate program are not qualified to apply for this online course and can only be connected by uncertified students to an individual course or a certification program. Each online student is appointed academic advisor prepared by Berklee. Each advisor is energetic and expert in music, and is here to help you through your online experience.

So, do you want to experience an online degree program with celebrities? Yes!

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  1. I am TRAORE DOKENI, Engineer Officer from Regional Academy of Marine Sciences and Technologies CÔTE D\’IVOIRE. I am looking for job for job in LONDON

  2. Am looking for schorlaship to study anywhere and i am interested in following course;
    1.Bachelor of science in nursing
    2.Bachelor of science in labaratory technology
    3.Bachelor of science in food science and biotechnology

  3. My name is Petnet can you please kindly help me find a scholarship that would help me pursue the following programs
    Development studies
    International relations

  4. Dear all,

    Sulaiman is my name and I\’m a Sierra Leonean who\’s got talent in singing. I\’ve always wanted to improve my music skills and hope to be committed to completing this course with the best effort ever.

  5. Am nabirye moureen from Uganda and am requesting for a scholarship in my studies am in second year doing bachelor of arts in social sciences and I run out of tuition when my dad lost his job, please I will be great full

  6. Gracias is my name i have just obtained an MSCE certificate and am looking for a scholarship to study abroad please help me

  7. Hello I\’m Stella from Cameroon I\’m looking for a scholarship in order to pursue my studies in Master on:
    Administrative Law
    Public Administration
    and Business Administration.

  8. My name is mubarek mohammud, i was graduated from welki\’te university by software engineering and i want to study master\’s in computer science.

  9. Hi. I\’m studying a diploma in accounting and finance at Amadi university college. I\’m a 1st year student. I was paying for my fees but now I\’m failing to continue paying for them. I\’m asking for a full scholarship. I\’ll be happy to hear a positive feedback from you.

  10. I\’m barasa eluid titus from Uganda ( Africa) asking for this chance to start my studies by January 2019 my dream course of bachelor of nursing.

  11. am Mbaya Francis south Sudanese refugee in Uganda ,am looking for scholarship to study project planning and grant management/finance

  12. Am looking for an opportunity to study Master of Business Administration in finance in any university on scholarship. Am financially handicap and need and assistance to achieve my dreams. please help

  13. i like this, i would also like to have a full scholarship in the field of biomedical science&health science
    i am from Rwanda

  14. I have liked the institution. I would like to do Masters program in Social work and Social Administration but majoring in Administration.

  15. I am Agatha magidanga from Tanzania, I\’m looking forscholarship to study masters of Business administration in finance

  16. Am memory j tembo from Zambia.I really want to study abroad but I have problems with finances.please help me with scholarship

  17. Hi my name is Habtamu Legese from Ethiopia. My educational background is medical Laboratory technologist I wont to learn Ms by microbiology could help me please. I need your support

  18. my name is lynda from Cameroon i need a scholarship in law i am a holder of degree in law please give me this opportunity to have a better life.i want to go in for masters

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