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$ 18,000 International Undergraduate Bursary at Augustana University, Australia – 2019


Obtaining a university education in your desired university study program is extremely important because it allows you to follow your passions and dreams. It is the first step that any freshman college student should work towards. However, if you are the type that still does not know what discipline to study, have an open mind and open to possibilities and you will surely find the field in which your interests lie. For those who have chosen the degree program of their dreams, they are surely excited about what college education has for them. If you want to work on your degree in the field of liberal arts, consider applying for the Augustana University and it may be one of the best viable options for your college education.

Augustana University is a private university located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The university is perfect for college newcomers looking for a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, since it has almost fifty areas of study available in liberal arts and pre-professional programs such as nursing. “Augie”, as students like to call it, is allied with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. It is considered a “selective” school since it only accepts students who graduated at the top of their class with an average of 3.7 GPA. It has been considered one of the best schools in the state by different organizations and institutions due to its excellent and consistent academic performance. He has produced remarkable students in different industries in the country.

If you think Augie would be too expensive for your current financial status, this is an opportunity you would like to take advantage of; to help earn your bachelor’s degree. Augustana University currently offers $ 15,000- $ 18,000 under its Presidential Scholarship to students with a score of 27 ACT and an average of 3.5 GPA wishing to earn their degree program at the host institution. The cash will be awarded per year and could help your educational finances such as tuition, housing, books and other college needs. The application to the Augustana University is free and can be done by completing an online application form, by submitting a paper application form or by sending a common application form. Take into account that the scholarship is only offered to students who will attend the university and it is already accepted. If you want to know different details, such as application requirements and university policies, you can visit the scholarship website for more information.

Scholarship Value – The Augie Scholarship offers up to $ 18,000 under it’s Presidential Scholarships to students who qualified after it’s section process.


  1. hello my names is Garba Yakubu from Kano Nigeria I want study my BA education and iam running in a financial difficult, pls with due respect if iam giving the opportunity by ur Grant thanks in anticipation

  2. I am interest in doing bachelor\’s degree in any logistics and transport management fields, thanks for accepting me.

  3. my name is abdifatah i live in somalia iam interested to give me this opportunity my phone number is 252907015407 contact me please

  4. I\’m interested in studying public health to get a masters degree. I\’m a Nigerian with a B. Sc certificate in applied biochemistry

  5. Im interested in pursuing a bachelors in journalism
    I recieved my Certificate and Diploma in Media and Journalism and currently working for Tonga Broadcasting Commission. Tonga\’s National Broadcaster. TBC
    Please contact me. Really need a scolarship to persue career in Journalism.

  6. please sir or madam I\’m interested in studying masters in accounting and Finance or Business Administration.Any universities that will give the opportunity I will be glad and pursuit the course.

  7. I\’m interested in medicine.I\’m looking for a fully funded medicine scholarship.Dear sir/madam, please can you help me?

  8. I would love to persue a degree in medicine and surgery. Your kindness to offer me a scholarship will make my dreams a reality one day. Your positive response will be appreciated. Best Regards

  9. Hi, I\’m Josiah Brown Wilson From Liberia.
    I am interested in earning a Master Degree in Public Health or a Bachelor degree in mass communication

  10. Muhindo M Alone is my name wanting to enroll for a Masters in counselling Psychology this year 2019 at your University online full scholarship.

  11. I would love to persue a degree in aviation(piloting) . Your kindness to offer me a scholarship will make my dreams a reality one day. Your positive response will be appreciated. Best Regards

  12. I would love to persue a degree in aviation(piloting) . Your kindness to offer me a scholarship will make my dreams a reality one day. Your positive response will be appreciated. Best Regards

  13. I would love to pursue a masters degree in finance with a scholarship . Please how do i apply. I have completed my first degree in Bachelor of science in accounting and finance. Your response is highly anticipated. Best regards

  14. for two I Graduated Bachelor in Eletrical Engineering from Ethiopia IOT University and I have not got the job yet, there is a racial&poltical upriseing in my country, To get the job Muste be race of ruling party,member&supporter of ruling party in my country. I realy want to learn Mastrs but a poor boy l have not money,please Madam/Sir help me fincaly

  15. Am from Kenya Africa. I would love to pursue degree in project management in Australia in your institution.
    Thank you

  16. hey sir I want scholarship to study international relationship and I will be very please if you help me to achieve that dream of mine.

  17. I work hard and i will get to adopt best studies in your university collage please give me an apportunity and tel me about other requirements

  18. Am Sumailai Kamara, taking advantage of the opportunity to make my dream come true,I want to do my master\’s degree

  19. Objet :Demande de bourse
    Madame, Monsieur,
    Je viens de décrocher mon baccalauréat série A4 cette année, avec la mention passable, et je souhaiterais poursuivre mes études en Allemagne .
       En effet, je demeure convaincu que ce pays dispose des moyens pédologiques,des cursus universitaires,mais surtout de la culture essentiels pour me permettre de cumuler les bagages nécessaires dans l\’accomplissement de mon objectif de carrière.
    Je compte pour cela intégrer l\’Université de Allemagne et y suivre leur cursus universitaires dans le domaine de Droit.
    Je vous prie donc pour cela de trouver joint à cette lettre de dossier complet requis pour une demande de bourse.
    Vous remerciant d\’avance pour l\’intérêt que porterez à mon dossier,je vous prie d\’agréer, Madame,Monsieur, mes salutations distinguées.

  20. Sir I am reading mechanical engineering in HI TECH INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY GHAZIABAD UP, Sir my fincinal condication is week. So sir plz help me……..

  21. Hello? I have officially been offered a chance to pursue Bachelor of Applied Statistics, with IT in Maseno University in Kenya. The University requires me to pay a total of US$49570 as fees for the whole period of four years. I am so worried on where to get the amount since I\’m orphan. kindly offer me a full scholarships to enable me move forward.

  22. i am interested in bachelor of electronics engenering ……..
    i am from rwanda ….
    how can i get that opportunity to get a scholarship ,,,,,
    please help me in that

  23. I wish to study fashion design and phsycology it has been my dream and I believe someday it will come true
    I am from Namibia

  24. I am BARASA ELUID TITUS from Uganda (africa) requesting for this offer to do my dream course of bachelor of nursing by January 2019.

  25. Hi,l\’m kammogne,i will be very gratefull if you offer this wonderful opportunity scholarship to persuemi career in médecine or mechanic ingeneering

  26. hello am korir Bismark from Kenya .I want to study nursing but am financially unstable .If I will get this scholarship I will will be able to further my studies so as to achieve my goals .please consider me so as to get this scholarship.Thanks in advance.
    (my phone number 0729947993)

  27. I am 43 years old, I am Egyptian, I work as an Environmental Researcher in a nature reserve named Wadi Allaqi Biosphere Reserve, Ministry of Environment of Egypt. I am interested in pursuing PhD in Environmental Geology. I need a full tuition scholarship. Thanks in advance

  28. am djanath harerimana from rwanda and am really in need of this scholarship to continue my studies in mechanical engineering. your acceptance is highly appreciated

  29. Good morning sir/madam my name is issagha Barrie from Sierra Leone I want to further my education on degree Business information Technology but there is no financial assistance for me please sir/madam in need of this scholarship please help me to further my education.Thank you for reading my lines

  30. Thank you in advance, I would wish to inquire from you that after being successfully selected in your programm, which procedure then should one follow in order to enjoy the service and how will one know that he/she has been paid for in the relevant institution?

  31. I\’m interested in applying to your university and acquiring my dreams but I can\’t seem to find the application forms

  32. I am interested to get the opportunities to study internal medicine specialty program postgraduate at medical school. Can I apply for it?

  33. Thanks very much for this am so interested in having a degree in Human Resource management. please how do I apply?

  34. Thank you for this chance. Thus scholarship will enable me study my Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering. Thank you.

  35. I have much interest in this scholarship for my bachelor in business administration in abroad, so please for God and I sake help me.
    Thank you.

  36. Hello peoples of God I hope everything is good and I pray God to bless you all in your life, I am Sphakanyiswa Ngema to be honest I\’m coming from poor family with 6 Brothers and I am number 7,I stay with my mother but not my biological mom my mother passed away many years ago,so I\’m struggling in other to survive because our mother is not working also among us I am the only one who\’s the bread winner among my family,I do have matric I passed with bachelor\’s and I wanna go study so that I can change my family situation and be like other families because in our community they\’re making fun off our our life we live,So in God name I\’m coming forward to ask anyone who can help me to study and change my background please

  37. Thank you,I would like to find out if I could get student funds to pay my studies in industrial automation( Bsc)..realy need help.
    Thank you.

  38. hii.. im intresting in medical field [MBBS] .if there is any apportunity for undergraduate in this field. so plz help mee..

    thank you

  39. i would like to further my Education in Media Studies, As i have received my Diploma in Media and Journalism. So i would like to further my studies in Media and Communication. Please Help me..

  40. I would like to get Bachellor degree of Environmental Engineering or Urban planning for my daughter with fully funded scholarship.

  41. I need the full Scholarship of Ugandan Sh. of payment for Non-refundable fee deposit of 18,238,000 This fits for the all Semesters covers two years 2019-2021.Thank you.

  42. USH.150,000; 75% of which will be credited towards tuition fee, University fee for the Semester: Tuition USH. 2,427,000 Other fees USH. 893,000 Board Fees USH.1,200,000 National Council for Higher Education Fees USH. 20.00 without Joining Instuction Fee and Transpots from Tanzania to Uganda in East Africa Times 2 years the Toal is USH. 18,088,000

  43. I have an Admission Letter for Invitation to start this Course since last year but it still Currently await me to start up in this year since May. So any more please to Cover Transports, Equipment\’s, Stationary, Hostel and Pocket Money + My Family Costs it will need total help of The Tanzanian Shillings 12,000,000 to Cover all 2 years it is equal to $5715 Please help me. Thank you.

  44. For Transport Tsh. 4,000,000 Equal to $1905 for all 2 years, Equipment\’s such as University Laptops 2,500,000 Equals $1190.5, Other tools 1,000,000 Equals $476.5, Stationary 500,000 Equals $238.5, Hostel 1000,000 Equals $476.5,Family Costs 3,000,000 Equals $1429 to Cover all 2 years So to make total of TZS. 12,000,000 which is equal to $5715 Please help me. Thank you.

  45. Because the Uganda Christian University will required me to pay through at any Stanbic and bring the receipt towards my tuition fee, So I would like to give a suggestion that it will be good for you to make the payment as all fees of USH. 18,238,000 and other needs of TZSH. 12,000,000 Equal to 5715 all through the bank of my Place Tanzania Country Use name the National Microfinance Bank (NMB), SWIFT CODE: NMIB, to Account Name: ROSE JOHN RUZABILA, and Account Number: 32110009084 Please help me. Thank you.

  46. Any other, I am waiting to hear from you and especially to have good answer from you according to my Description. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
    Sincerely, Yours Rose Ruzabila.

  47. Hello, I\’m Stanley Phiri from Zambia and I want to pursue a bachelor\’s degree in civil engineering and I highly need a bursary or scholarship, your response will be highly appreciated.

  48. I have interested with this offer!
    Please I want to go for any bachelor in medical fields but I have financial problems
    Please help me if possible
    Thanks in Advance !!

  49. Am a Zimbabwean and would love to study human rights law in the United Kingdom,however due to financial constrains I am failing to pursue my dream.Am desparately looking for a fully funded scholarship .I passed my advanced level with flying colours.
    your help will be well appreciated

  50. Hi, I am Ashely Jean Baptiste.
    I thank you for scholarship.
    I am very interested to get a master degree in nursing.
    Hope for a positive response from you!

  51. Thank you very much for this opportunity and I am waiting a bachelor degree scholar in one of the business course

  52. I have bachelor of Arts Degreee in Philosophy and will be extremely happy granted full scholarship to do masters degree in Philosophical Anthropology

  53. Hey great work here, kindly can be awarded a scholarship for masters degree I have a degree in science information technology

  54. I am interested to study as a full time student in your country in Masters degree of any Social Science, currently im a holder of Honours degree in Geography and population studies.

  55. Hi,
    Yes ,I\’m interested in a full or partial scholarship to do postgraduate Diploma in leadership and management/business management Augustan university for first time scholar. Please consider me for scholarship,

    I\’m from the Solomon Islands with postgraduates degree(leadership and management) Queensland Tafe in January 2019 graduated.

  56. I’m a Botswana undergraduate,wish to be fully sponsored in aviation..hoping for a positive response… thank you..

  57. Hello my name is mana l am from Somalia l need scholarship of bachelor degree l am interested in doing my bachelor degree in agriculture can I get a scholarship please help me that and connect with my gmail

  58. Hi am Nicholas from Kenya,am looking forward to do bachelor\’s degree in Public management.I have already registered and got admission letters from the university(Kenya College of Accountancy)university but I could not start my learning because of the fees.please I request for help.

  59. Please assist me with your funding, i am a young Malawian man and i have unconditional offer to do Masters in International Business at the University of Stirling in UK but i am failing to go and start due to lack of school fees hence my request for your assistance. Thanks

  60. sir/madam :thank you selected for the scholarship I am really interested.but how to check winner of the scholarship opportunity i.e how to get the application for.thank you again from Abayneh Siyum (BSC degree in mechanical engineering)

  61. hello am interested please grant me a scholarship to pursue my studies in masters in law,please am waiting for the application form.thanks

  62. Hello my name is ogunfolaju ezekiel from Nigeria and I am interested in studying medicine and surgery

  63. Hello dear sir/madam, hope to be as fine as I want.
    I really need this scholarship but unfortunately, I don\’t money to pay.
    Please if you can, help me to get this chance free.
    I really interested to study in your country. It\’s my biggest wish.
    Wish you all the best dear.

  64. Hi My name is Dorcas .M. John from Kenya, Machakos county am interested to pursue Diploma in Fashion Design. But unfortunately, I do not have any finance to pursue my dream. I will be humbled if you offer me a scholarship to study in your country. Thank you

  65. I am Doris kiplagat from Kenya am interested to study bachelor\’s in industrial chemistry in your country but unfortunately I don\’t have enough finances. I am wishing to be granted a full scholarship to study in your country…. I am positive of the outcome

  66. Hello sir/madam I want this opportunity to to pursue my degree I\’m Graphic design.It would be a great honor if you give me this chance

  67. I am Jerop Mercy from Kenya a student at Moi Girls Eldoret. Am interested to study bachelor’s in Computer Science in your country after completing my studies this year.
    I humbly request for a full scholarship to enable me study in your institution. Looking forward to your response

  68. Hi, My Name is Oluwadare Israel…I am from Akure State, Nigeria.I wish to het my bachelor degree in Medicine anr Surgery here
    But Economic Problem seems to drag me back..
    I would be happy if you can help me with the scholarship…I will be looking forward fpr ypur response

  69. Hello, my name is Chernor and I am from Sierra Leone. I have Bachelor Degree and I want to do my masters I want you to help me with a scholarship.

  70. my name Is Rufai Balikis please I will be grateful if u offer me scholarship to study nursing due to financial problem and my parent are struggling pls I need it.

  71. I want to study post graduate in marketing but I can\’t fund it and that I need scholarship to fund my studies.

  72. Hello sir/ madam,
    it\’s a pleasure of writing you.
    I\’m from the Gambia and I want to pursue my studies in a bechlor
    program in international business.

  73. Sir,

    Please offer me a FULL Scholaship to attend to University in 2020 to study Bachelors in leadership and Management. and Business studies.

    Thank you very much.

  74. Sir,
    Please help me to get a scholarship to study leadership and business administration, please do.
    Thank you

  75. i intrested in this scholarship and also i need scholarship to complete my study. plz help and guide me to
    get scholarship to study in chemistry.
    Thank you

  76. I am Mulbah J Pillepor, a Liberia, i need that Scholarship so that I can equipped the Youth of my country, Liberia.

  77. I am Mulbah J Pillepor, a Liberian,I need that Scholarship so that I can equipped the Youth of my country.
    For the description of the Scholarship to help my Youth for total transformation of the Youth.

  78. Dear sir/madam

    I am currently in matric. I have always dreamed of become a doctor or an engineering. I would be happy if I can get this scholarship because I live with a single parent who is unemployed.

  79. I am Angolan.I am interested in pursuing my studies with a postgraduate in poliyical sciences,but i need a scholarship to realize my dream.How to get it.

  80. Hey, my name is Anthony Mwine, thanks for the scholarship opportunities. I possess a bachelors degree in Business Computing from Makerere University Business School in Uganda, I kindly request for a scholarship for a masters degree in Business Administration.

  81. I\’m very pleased to be called by your organisation, now I am looking forward to to be sponsored by you concerning to my request, I haven\’t studied anything since i completed school in 2016.May your organisation do me a favour hear from you as soon as possible.

  82. I would like to get this scholarship and I will highly appreciate if this request will be put into consideration.

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity.

    Yours faithfully.

  83. Good day, my name is joy, it has always been my dream to study agriculture or music cause I love both and I wish to help others too later in future but I need help to make that dream come through… Please in any way you can help me, I would appreciate every bit of it. Thank you

  84. Hello sir .Iam interested in medical field .so i want this scholarship because i want to do brain transplantation for the first time

  85. Am Erick from Tanzania it\’s my pleasure to pursue bachelor degree in sport management I would like to be one of the beneficiaries of this scholarship because I can not afford the expenses needed for me to pursue a such program.

  86. My name is Onoja Anthony Apeh. A final year student of B.Sc Economics in Benue State University Makurdi. I wish to run a masters program in Business Administration, and promise that if given the opportunity, I won\’t let you down.

  87. I am really in need of a free scholarship but I don\’t know how to go about it. Can you please help me with one?

  88. I need a free scholarship, please help me my dream is to do a degree in law. please help me to fulfill my expectations. your assistance will highly appreciated.

  89. Hi am Josephine l want to pursed a bachelors degree in radiology n also need a scholarship thank you so much

  90. I want you to please offer me fully funded scholarship to enable me continue my education in the field of chemistry & Biology.I am a Liberian, who is desperately in need of this scholarship.Further, I am anxiously awaiting your response.Thank you for helping me to develop my potential,and to realise my dream. May the Almighty God richly blessed you. Do have a good day! Bye.

  91. am interested in a bachelor degree in medical science. Can you you grant me this opportunity to do so?

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