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Best Schools $6,000 Distance Learning Scholarships, 2019


Research shows that students enrolled in distance education programs are often the ones who most need scholarship funds. For example, many students who attend online schools are adults with families seeking to cover their monthly costs. To help students online, The BestSchools is pleased to offer the six-year online education scholarship program for a total of $ 6,000.

All students who submit an application for the fall semester and are not awarded this online college scholarship may be considered for the spring semester scholarship. All sections are re-established on December 1 and, as of that moment, they must be resubmitted for reflection for the accompanying fall / spring academic year. This online university scholarship will be awarded through an arbitrary determination of the group of candidates who meet all the qualification needs.

Students who are currently enrolled in an accredited online degree program will receive this scholarship, full-time or part-time. Students may use this program at any college or university that has been recognized by the United States Department of Education. Interested students can send one registration per year, one week before the deadline (November 30).

Keep in mind that the beneficiary of this online college scholarship, that the fund can only be used for your textbook materials, tuition fees and online degree program. The fund will be sent directly to the chosen college or university. Check the official scholarship website to see the announcements of the winners. Winners of this program must send or provide an IRS W-9.

Students should also keep in mind that they are currently enrolled in an accredited online university, in a 100% online degree program or in 80% online courses. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 more recent GPA, 18 years older and resident in the USA. UU Tickets for the fall semester of 2018 are now closed, winners are selected and information has been verified and will be notified soon.

Students must determine which online universities to attend as well. The comprehensive introduction to online education is through online schools. With a wide range of online university courses and availability to choose from, all students of all ages can learn through online universities, one of the benefits of distance education over technology.

Scholarship Provider – TheBestSchools Online

Application Deadline – The application deadline for this student grant offered by TheBestSchools is November 30, 2018. Interested students can send only one application a week before the deadline – November 30, 2018.

Official Website


  1. So these few lines are studied I will appreciate I joined these I will successful.Thank you for given opportunity.

  2. Thanks for the information. I am really looking for an opportunity to undertake a study for PhD in Economics or finance.

  3. l\’am from Burundi. i need a scholarchip for my studies. i end bac degree at university of Burundi. thank to your response.

  4. I am Emeka Oyioku from Nigeria. I studied English and Literary Studies in Delta State University. I pray you to fund me fully in my pursuit of International Relations a the Master\’s level in abroad. I have stayed long enough on this mount(my stance) engendered by lack of wherewithal Debut 1:6. I need an advancement Debut 1:7

  5. Dear Sir/Madam
    Could you consider me for scholarship so that I do studies in MBA in Leadership and Sustainability and Doctorate later. I am a civil servant a Headmaster of a high School whose earning are far much low. I have even failed to graduate at Atlantic International University due to arrears in tuition fees.

  6. Hello
    Am grateful to be with your institution. Am from Cameroon and my reason for applying for this scholarship is to advance in my career

  7. Hello
    am happy to be accepted here. I wise to further my studies by being one of the beneficiaries of this scholarship. thanks

  8. I am looking for scholarship for study research (study comparison) Teaching Technology for Teacher in the class room for High School teachers during 3 until 4 months. I need this because we very left behind with others country have advancement like USA,UK,Singapore,Japan,Australia,Europh,Africa,etc.

  9. I am from Ethiopia ,and I graduated by electrical and computer engineering in 2018 from jimma university ,and know I want to study my MSC ,please help me to get this chance.

  10. Hi am Leonard ,kindly I need this scholarship, because I cannot afford paying fee to further my studies,thanks in advance.

  11. watsemwa seth gershom,ugandan & holder of barchelor degree of education.I wish to request you kindly for full sponsered scholarship to pursue master degree of education.Family pressure has financially failed me.You will be a great reliave to me on positive replay.Thaxm

  12. Hi I\’m tidankay
    Im from sierra leone
    Please Grant me admission to your institution through scholarship
    I want to study bachelors degree in economics

  13. I amTeresia Divikoca from Fiji looking for a scholarship to further my studies to attain A Bachelor Degree in Education.Currently I am a teacher but due to financial constraints cannot further my studies. Also I am married with three children all attending school and am a sole breadwinner for the family.I hope that I can be assisted .

  14. I am Eliud Malombo from Kenya looking for a scholarship to be able pusue my dream course. My dream course is computer science. I have just finished my high school

  15. Hi I really need a scholarship from you guys I really to be educated more guys please please I can\’t say anything for now. I will appreciate it if you accepted me,thanks so much.

  16. I have been given admission to study petroleum engineering on 30% scholarship. I need this scholarship to cover the rest of the cost. my best regards.

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