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$ 30,000 AAUW Women Scholarships to Study in the United States by 2019


Women seeking to sign up for higher college education or graduate degree studies can happily do so by applying for the AAUW Women Scholarships tailored for women who wants to register for advanced college education sessions or graduate studies in the United States.

AAUW (the American Association of University Women) awards international scholarships for studies or full-time research in the United States to women who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

Both postgraduate and postgraduate degree program in accredited institutions are supported. One of the requirements of the AAUW Women Scholarships is to have earned an academic degree (obtained in the US or abroad) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from EE. UU Completed before November 15, 2018.

Host Institution(s): The AAUW student grants will be hosted at various accredited institutions of the United States.

Level / field(s) of study: Postgraduate and postgraduate degree program in accredited institutions of the United States.

Application Deadline – The application closing date for the AAUW Women Scholarships is November 15, 2018.

Number of prizes: The number of AAUW Women Scholarships to be awarded is not specified

Objective group: The AAUW Scholarships is open to female candidates who are not nationals nor permanent residents of the United States. Preference is given to women who show a prior commitment to the advancement of women and girls through civic, community or professional work.

Value of the scholarship / inclusions: Beneficiaries of the AAUW Women Scholarship Program will receive the following according to their level of degree program.

  • Master’s degree / professional scholarship: $ 18,000
  • Doctorate Scholarship: $ 20,000
  • Postdoctoral scholarship: $ 30,000



To be eligible for an international scholarship which can aid your advanced college education pursuit, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have citizenship in a country other than the USA. UU Or the possession of a nonimmigrant visa if they reside in the US. The women who are currently, or expect to be during the year of the scholarship, a US citizen, a permanent resident of the US. UU or double citizen in the USA. UU Another country is not eligible.
  • Have an academic degree (obtained in the US or abroad) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from EE. UU Completed before November 15, 2018.
  • Attempt to dedicate full time to the proposed academic plan during the year of the scholarship.
  • He intends to return to his country of origin to pursue a professional career.
  • Be competent in English. Unless the applicant can verify that their native language is English (a written statement is required), that they received their high school diploma or a university degree from an English-speaking institution (transcription is required), or that they will have completed a semester of full-time studies in your discipline at an English-language college or university between November 2016 and November 2018 (transcription required), you must upload a recent ETS TOEFL * (no further than English as a Foreign Language Exam) November 2016). TOEFL institutional scores and other proficiency test scores in English (such as IELTS) will not be accepted. Minimum acceptable score: 550 for the paper-based test (TOEFL PBT); 79 for Internet-based tests (TOEFL iBT); 60 for the revised test delivered on TOEFL paper.
  • The postulants of master’s degree / first professional degree and doctorate must have submitted an application before November 15, 2018, in an accredited study institution during the period of the year of the scholarship and must indicate the name of the institution in the application for international scholarship.

See the full eligibility criteria on the official website for more details.


Application Instructions

The applications and the presentation of the supporting documents are done online. The application period for the 2019-2020 fiscal year is November 15, 2018.

Candidates are expected to have an academic degree (obtained in the US or abroad) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from EE. UU Completed before November 15, 2018.

See more details at the AAUW official website


  1. Am very much interested in this scholarship. Am a holder of BSC diploma in Geology mining and environmental sciences from the university of Bamenda Cameroon and really wish to further my studies at the masters level. I will be grateful if considered.

  2. I’m Fatima Turk from Pakistan 🇵🇰
    I wish Nd also want to study 📖 here.
    I will be grateful if considered
    Thanks 🙏

  3. I am from Malawi and I will be greatful if I will be granted the scholarship for my bachelor\’s degree in environmental sciences

  4. Hello my Dears thanks for this information am Habtamu Hailemichael from Ethiooian, I have BA Degree in Accounting and Finance, I want to upgraed masters degree in Business Adiminstraion if yiu will give me a chance am highly interested to be a part of this scholarship. Thanks

  5. Thanks for this wonderful information. Am Nwachukwu Ogonnaya Queen. I have a diploma (HND) in microbiology and wishes to gobfor my postgraduate degree in Medical Microbiology or Food Microbiology through your scholarship scheme. I will be grateful if my request unger a favourable outcome.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  6. Would u like to help me to get this scholrshp?I\’ve finished my magister program as the best graduation with the Prestation index 3.94

  7. Hello,am happy to come across such an opportunity, I have a bachelor\’s degree in English law.would love to come continue with masters if granted. thanks in advance

  8. My name is Ashebir Abate from Ethiopia,i have first degree in engilsh literature and if i have got a chance i want to continue my education im master\’s program.

  9. my name. is Behar Mohammed from Ethiopia i have frist degree on LLB or law &iam interesting whe get the master on international business law.

  10. First degree Accounting, pls am interested in the full scholarship for MBA program. Hope for a favourable response from you,thanks.

  11. Hello I\’m Princess from Lesotho. I would love to study BA Sociology there. This will definitely help me improve societies and make people understand importances of groups in their society.Thank You

  12. My name is Fatma from Tanzania,I will appreciate and be grateful if I will be granted this great scholarship. Am very eager to take my Masters in United States.

  13. My name is Lelisa Megenta from Ethiopia,I will appreciate and be grateful if I will be granted this great scholarship. Am very eager to take my Masters in Agricultural Extension or Economics in United States.
    I have Bsc. with Agricultural Extension and Diploma with General Agriculture

  14. My name is Ousman Arega from Ethiopia ,I will appreciate and be grateful if I will be granted this great scholarship. Am very eager to take my Bsc. in United States.

  15. My name is Niyonsaba Samuel from Rwanda,I will appreciate and be grateful if I will be granted this great scholarship. Am very eager to take my Masters in United States.

  16. I would like for grant of scholarship to take another degree dealing with accounts thus have done a degree in socioligy.Which was my best intrest and I never pursued it due to family challenges I am from Kenya.

  17. i have finished masters program in MBA, i went to contnu PHD in business strem.
    my bag ground is accountig how can i regstre.

  18. i am interested , i finished my A\’level last year , i would really be pleased and appreciate it if i can get a scholarship for management ,financial accounting and computer science

  19. Am very interested for the scholarship cause I feel I should be the best Mathematician in few years to come. So, I welcome your offer

  20. I completed my diploma in public relations from the University of Nairobi year 2014.Due to lack of school fee i hve been unable to continue with my studies. so am very much interested with the scholaship

  21. I am birungi in uganda. I\’ve liked your package . I have stopped in olevel. Am talented in music. But i also want to fulfeel my dream. Please ! Help me and give me a scholarship of \

  22. Hello David, i am Chorfo Chora from Ethiopia, Africa. Please bather connect me with funding organization to start my early dream which is learning in abroad. Which is now i am training to do so.

  23. Hello David, i am Chorfo Chora from Ethiopia, Africa. Please bather connect me with funding organization to start my early dream which is learning in abroad. Which is now i am training to do so. my vision is to learn either of economics or sociology with out limiting the place /country/

  24. Hello i deeply askin for a grant to fulfill my dreams
    I have passed my A level with A grades and i am looking for a Bachelor\’s degree in accounting scholarship
    So i look forward for your help because i always dream to study abroad

  25. Hello, my name is kalkidan taye from Ethiopia i\’m interested on this chance to study post Doctorate program.i will be grateful if considered.

  26. Please grant me a full scholarship. I would like to study supply chain management and logistics and have an internationally recognized certificate. I\’m from Botswana.

  27. Am Amosi Olang\’u from Tanzania
    I have diploma of mechanical engineering
    I would really appreciate if I got a scholarship

  28. Please I need a scholarship to study my law course in London for five years. Please help me. I want to start in 2020.

  29. Please I need a scholarship to study Agriculture in any of your country. Pls help me.
    I would be grateful to you.

  30. My grand daughter needs scholarship as i am old can not afford to pay for her education.
    How can you help her?

  31. its a woderful opportunity given
    we all thank u for the good you are doing not only to a certain group but to the whole nations
    may your university go well
    i love to study with you please….thanks

  32. I would like to do Diploma in Secretarial studies and Office management please can I have a chance please

  33. Greeting, l want to do a degree int the field of law, please help me to have 100% bausary. l will be happy if my request is highly considered,

  34. Hi my name is onthatile i would like to have a scholarship .i need to pursue my dreams.but i can\’t afford to pay at varsity ..

  35. Good day,
    I am a Registered Nurse from South Africa. My dream is to study further in Nursing and help people with health problems in our communities. I do believe that prevention is better than cure. Helping and teaching people in need are very important and can result in a happier and better life for all.

  36. Hi, I\’m Kuneke from Namibia.. I registered for education, due to the financial problem I can\’t afford to pay for my study, I will be grateful if you graded me this opportunity to come further my study…

  37. Hallo, i\’m Shabriena from Indonesia. I am interested to the scholarship. Because i have a high dream, and the high dream is to school in abroad. But, i know that my family doesn\’t have enough money. Therefore, i always try so hard to get my dream. So, i hope i can the scholarship to help my financial…

  38. Am Daniel from Ghana. Completed High school and I am very interested in this scholarship. I know my family has no capital for my universities . Therefore if granted this opportunity, I will be very pleased. Thank you

  39. Am Solange NAHIMANA from Rwanda, I have bachor\’s degree in Economics with Education, I want to proceed masters in full funded scholarship so please how can I apply?

  40. Dear sir/Madame,I\’m Mohamed and I\’m from Guinea I do appreciate this kind of opportunity to further my Education so I\’m interested in it.

  41. Is any fully funded scholarship available for Pakistani students to study abroad (included hostel expenditures and visa fee)

  42. Hi i am so sorry for being to late to make a move to talk with you but i am so thankful to have a scholarship from you please contact me again and let me know how to reach the exact point to have this scholarship

  43. with great excuse for my lately coming after chosen by you, am glad to be a member of your students and excited to continue.

  44. I will be very grateful if you could offer me a free scholarship to continue my education to the highest level.

  45. Eu sugiro que para mulheres internacionais em que língua materna não +e o inglês podem-se dar a oportunidade de fazer o curso de inglês como segunda língua , porque a maior parte das que procuram por bolsa não tiveram a oportunidade de frequentar o curso de ESL.

  46. Thank you so much for the opportunity but I don\’t have any of those qualifications listed. I dropped out of college because of school fees at level 2. If you can help me achieve my dreams in any way even if it\’s bursary I will appreciate. I aim to pursue achievement once financial needs are supplied.Thanks.

  47. Am an A.B.U student in Nigeria study linguistic from poor family i need assistance in my study because sometime even school fees,it will hard to get for me.

  48. An an A.B.U student in Nigeria study linguistic from poor family, i need assistance in my study because sometime even the school fees it will hard to get for me.

  49. I have graduated with a bachelor of degree in physics (B.Sc) from Ambo university on july 01 ,2017 . The motivation for applying tom the announced scholarship is that I believe that I expertise and personal qualities that can positively contribute to your organization effectively and can promote your organization to excel significantly . If you give this chance , I will learn MSC physics . I have a basic skill in physics and solving problems concerning industrial sites. Therefore , if I am get this great opportunity for aforementioned scholarship , I shall make a significant contributions for the best of ßyour organization .

  50. Hello, I am BS hons student from University of Gujrat. I am interested for this grant scholarship. But i can\’t afford it. please gave me this grant scholarship offer. i am very thankful to you for this favour.

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