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Full Tuition Fee Waiver at University of London

The University of London offers LLM Scholarship through distance learning for students who wants to study the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and/or the Master of Laws (LLM). The applicants of this distance learning scholarship can start at any level and the whole program don’t need to be completed. For instances the candidates can start at a Postgraduate Certificate level and can work their way to LLM or students can stop pursuing the Postgraduate Certificate. The students who completed the undergraduate degree can also start the LLM Level, skipping the Postgraduate Certificate level and diploma.

Nationals and refugee of the following countries are eligible to apply for this distance learning program, countries are: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe. The students be in possession of the important qualifications required for admission to the program, presently hired full or part-time work, capable to dedicate at least 10 hours to study through distance learning program per week.

The University of London Offers this online degree program to help the students in the mentioned countries. The online degree program is made possible through the generosity of the University of London, they will waiver the four scholarship recipient with full tuition and exam entrance expenses. Local exam expenses aren’t covered. Scholarship recipients have among 1 to 5 years to finish the program, and persisted registration at the course depends upon exceptional development and educational reviews. The university of London and Canon Collins trust will collectively choose the recipients of this award. Application process can be access yearly and must submit all the necessary documents needed.

Student’s obligation is to make sure that the application is complete and correct before filing your application online. The data may be stored and the application form edited till the applicant chooses to publish. In choosing students, the Canon Collins trust will observe some of criteria which includes academic merit, work experiences, financial needs and the capability to make contributions to southern Africa’s future prosperity. They are searching out future leaders in their fields and consequently demonstrable management characteristics are essential.


  1. May i please be considered for the scholarship to do pursue Masters program.I am having a Bachelors degree and industry certifications.

  2. Please Am Ugandan student am like egilible for scholarshipbut I also a student who u want a undergraduate diploma scholarship ;,,,,what can I do to get a scholarship?

  3. I am from Solomon Islands wish to do further studies at your institution, I already done my International Diploma on Office Management and Administration and like to postgraduate, Please help me.

  4. Hello !!!
    I am young Ethiopian, looking for fully funded scholarship in doctorate program in MBA. Please help me in achieving this very dream of a young African. I am entitled with BA degree in Public Administration and Development Management with CGPA of 3.82 and MBA scoring 3.96 together with an excellent thesis. I appreciate your kindness on this regard so that poor brilliant minds will not lose this opportunity to share their talent to the rest of the world.
    I again admire your optimist thinking for helping me regardless of who i am and from where i am.

  5. I am very interested if you offer me a full scholarship opportunity. I will apply to study my M. Sc program in natural resource management.

  6. Highly in need of a scholarship to study Law at The University of London. Please help me to turn my dream to reality am from Malawi

  7. I obtained my Bachelor of Business in International Business would like to further my studies to master\’s degree, i would be delighted to be granted full sponsorship. Thank you in advance.

  8. Please consider me for the scholarship. I am doing my PHD with AIU online. I have a problem financially.Please help me please.

  9. Hi I\’m Almaz from Ethiopian I\’m high school student now grade 11 can I get free scholarships in abroad country? Thank u

  10. I am young Ethiopian, looking for fully funded scholarship in Construction Economics, Construction Management, International law of Construction, International law of trans boundary Rivers for PhD Program. Please help me in achieving this very dream of a young African. I am entitled with Masters of Science in Construction Management with CGPA of 3.64 with a very good thesis. I appreciate your kindness on this regard.

  11. I am a civil engineer graduate,I want to further my education to masters level.I hope you will consider my request, thank you.

  12. Hello! I am bachelor degree in science in nursing, I would like to get a support about scholarship in order to continue my study in masters level ,HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT

  13. I am a Teacher at High School on SMA Negeri 1 Biak Timur in Papua – Indonesia. I am looking for a scholarship supporting to my research (study comparison) about teaching Technology for Teachers in the class room during 3 untill 4 months. this is very important to implementing it to my organisation. Thank you.

    Mr. David Mangganggan Rumwaropen
    HP: 081324891711

  14. Hello, my name is James and am from NIGERIA . I just finished college and I need a fully covered undergraduate scholarship to study electrical/electronic engineering in the uk or us.

  15. I AM a Kenya citizen Who would like to study bachelor of business administration in abroad. currently i am as almost through with my diploma in accounting and finance. I really need a scholarship.kindly help me out

  16. I have a diploma in social work social administration.i would like to pursue bachelor in social work social there any chance?

  17. I am in northern cape i need to start to study to be a ELECTRICAL ENGINEER

  18. Hello, this is watala john, aged 23 years, a ugandan by nationality. Help me because am interested in chemistry as a chemist or chemical engineer because as per now I have a diploma in science technology chemistry and would like to adverse in any science field for a degree even up to masters degree. So please help me out.

  19. I am looking for organisation to fund my online doctorate in éducation. i start thé program, but i dont have money enough to continue it.

  20. I am a kenyan graduated high school student.i attained the qualification of being a nurse but due to financial problem has made me to be in need of a scholarship,please let me know if you will assist me with a scholarship in order to fulfill my dream thank you.

  21. Hellow sir Im from the Philippines Im still in my college days and i want to have your scholarship to finish m studies i hope you could help me because i am only a farmer son wanting to have a better life for myself and my family.

  22. Hi from the philippines and i want to finish my studies in college i hope you could help me to realize it. I came from a very poor family and i was hoping you could help me

  23. I am Md. Jubayer Hossain from Bangladesh.Can i get Scholarship for the Phd. Programme in Accounting Information System.

  24. Hello! Am sceva from Malawi, I want to be considered in full scholarship of Public health need to upgrade now I have Diploma in Environmental Health

  25. I\’m Delson from Tanzania…im looking for sponsors and scholarship….bachelor of degree in mechanical engineering

  26. Hello
    I humbly request to be taken up for a full tuition offer to pursue a Bachelor\’s degree in electrical engineering with modern physics at the University of London.It would be an honour to partake of your continuous excellence.Thank you and Happy holidays

  27. Im so glad,, if im one of those students that will be given a privileged to study in the said institution in full tuition,,im interested. I am from Philippines,,i want to become successful and i need of financial support.
    if this will be granted,, then in advance im very much grateful.

  28. i want to pursue education, to teach a lot of people who are less fortunate to study and to support their academics.

  29. hy, i need this scholarship to continue my studies in mechanical engineering. i have completed my senior six in mpc(math phyisics and computer science)

  30. Thanks to I\’m selected and I\’m looking forward to getting this life time opportunity to pursue my studies as a security manager.

  31. I want to join school of medicine and I eligible because am from Kenya and Kenya is not among the suggested countries

  32. Thanks,,, i\’m stephane djelele, i realy want a full sholarship for the faculty of low.but my country is not among suggested countries

  33. My name is Francis N. Neagor. I am a Liberian. I have a BSC in economics and minor in administration from the university of Liberia. I am very much interesting in the scholarship because I want to study abroad and earn a master degree. cell# +231 0886682662

  34. I highly need a scholarship to study nursing at the university of London.
    my parents are not employed so am the only family hope ,I will highly appreciate your positive response.

  35. Please I am Haggai from Zambia,i would like you to give me full scholarship or bursary I want to study metallurgical engineering

  36. I\’m from Solomon Islands, completed dual diploma in Business studies and leadership management, I need to further study to degrees level or master. Please consider me for a scholarship
    , civil law(masters), leadership and management.

    Clotilda Harry

  37. I\’m very interest and accpt the offer and future consideration. for a scholarship to study for degree and master

  38. I want fully funded master degree of midwivery with language additional study and apart time job to improve my comunication skills

  39. I am Zambian undergraduate who wants to be offered a fully funded scholarship to study medicine. Your quick and favourable response will be highly appreciated. Thank you

  40. Hi,
    Your scholarship programs are in the interest of few countries and refugees of those countries. Unfortunately I am not a national or refugee of the countries enumerated. Is there any way you can assist me to pursue tertiary education in your country?

  41. I\’m kelvin macharia from Kenya I who like to consider me with a bursary so that I can pursue computer engineering

  42. Hello, I\’m Stanley Phiri from Zambia and I want to pursue a bachelor\’s degree in civil engineering and I highly need a bursary or a scholarship, please

  43. I am Khalid Ali. I want to get your scholarship in your university. I want to follow up your university studies. I want to complete the study of archeology. I hope you can approve it.

  44. I want to get your scholarship in your university and to follow up your university studies. I want to complete the study of archeology. I hope you can approve it.

  45. I want to get your scholarship in your university. I want to follow up your university studies. I want to complete the study of archeology. I hope you can approve it.

  46. Please Im in a University of Ghana studying Mathematical Science but I want a scholarship as an international student how do I do it

  47. i am Jacob from Tanzania,please i need your help to find me scholarship for diploma in health facults (clinical medicine,clinical laboratory or pharmacy).please and please i need your help i can not aford to pay schoolfees

  48. I got an email saying that I haven\’t completed my scholarship application, but I have been accepted , can someone help me out how to complete the application or contact me on +679 9023073

  49. I am from Ethiopia. I have BSC degree in statistics and I will postgraguater in july 28/2019 (ma in development economics).

  50. My qualification is BA (14 years of education) I would like to join MBA classes, so can I have the full scholarship?

  51. james otieno odira Kenyan citizen by birth .peruse diploma in civil engineering would like sponsorship to archive the longed for profession .being from humble background

  52. Hello there! Am Mwavita Faridah from Uganda l would like to study Law if given an opportunity to access ascholarship thanks.

  53. I am Zimbabwean by nationality looking for a PhD full scholarship in Public Health or Maternal and Child Health, I have a Masters Degree in Public Health, BSc Degree in HIV/AIDS Management and a Diploma in General Nursing, thank you.

  54. Good afternoon, am Seo Wilfred Nongneninge a Ghanaian. I will be happy if you consider for your scholarship.

  55. My name is Hakizimana Nadine,I need full free scholarship to study and be specialized in Gynecology sciences.Please help me achieve this dream of mine

  56. I want to do cyber security in aboard after can i get full tuition fee as scholarship from any university please tell me……..

  57. I am gebregergis from Ethiopia i would like to attend my master in climate society. so l seek sponsor bursary.

  58. Hello I\’m from Papua New Guinea and would like to take medicine there in this beautiful university. Therefore I humbly asked if I could be given a full scholarship to do my undergraduate degree…

  59. My name is Anderson Goneso.I wish to be admitted upon your scholarship,actually in a faculty of humanities.I did Literature in English (E),Literature in Shona(D),History(A),and English Communication Skills (6).Infact,I cannot afford to pursue an undergraduate bachelor\’s degree because I don\’t have money.All in all,I wish to further my education,hence,for the benefit of my nation,globally, at large.

  60. God bless everyone. I am a Filipino citizen who wants to achieve my dream to study masters degree. I don\’t have any financial asset to pursue it. I hope that you will count me in for the scholarship program you have. Thanks ahead.

  61. Thank you,i am a form four student at Moi Girls Eldoret in kenya and would request for school schorlaship in Australia

  62. My Country (Nigeria) is not mentioned as one of the eligible countries, although am very is work interested in the scholarship.

  63. Hi, dear Sir.I\’m Abenezer Alemayhu from Etiopia Am happy to see you ,I\’m studying civil engineeri China. but I have great aim to work on children and am also interested by child psychology/ psychology, im teaching Chinese kids as a parttime job I can speak English very well any opportunity you can help me?

  64. I am Buzayew Debele from Ethiopia, I am happy because of meet you with your wonderful and amazing support, I have Bachelor in EDPM and MBA in Business administration and now I am so eager to get full tuition fee online Masters scholarship in department of education management or PHD in Business administration, so if you can support me I am here to accept your support.
    Thank you in advance.

  65. I am a student in Bugema University ,taking Theology 2nd year.I could like to study in your institution as soon as i finish my Undergraduate Degree.

  66. if you can please help me beacuse i have great interest to learn MSC/MBA but still now l can not get the chance.

  67. I am an high school graduate and i want to if i can get scholarship to study information technology or computer science in one of your universities

  68. I\’m a high school graduate since 2016 please help me I\’m in Africa and I want to forward my studies please help me I\’m 22 years old this is my contact+231770199216 email address (

  69. Hi.
    My name is Ibrahim MF kamara from Sierra Leone. Please I need this scholarship to further my education in your University. I will be very grateful if you could grant me this opportunity. Thanks for your attention.

  70. May name is onunkun victor from Nigeria, am very much interested in fully funded scholarship in studying mechanical engineering… I would be so glad if u can help me

  71. I am Vincent a South African citize ..I like and need this scholarship to start my course which is medicine

  72. I need this scholarship to study PHD in education.Can I do distance learning at any other University?

  73. Hellow, am emmanuel wanjala, holding a secondary certificate and am willing to proceed with my studies to higher institution. Am a total orphan and financially disadvantaged. Am calling upon your grant support to propell my studies. Thank u.

  74. I\’m a young cameroonian searching for a full scholarship to do masters in environmental engineering please I need help

  75. Pls, iam from Nigeria, I have BSc can I be consider for scholarship to study MSc in computer science?

  76. Please I am from Malawi I want to sit for diploma in ITC I need sponsorship to persue with my studies at polytechnic of Malawi my phone number is +265882899844 /+265999039799

  77. Am joining maseno University in August intenting to take mathematics and computer science.i will be glad if I will be among the few who will be selected.

  78. I have been struggling with my Education all my life with not having the proper Fee to continue with my learning and i would kindly request your assistance to enroll and major in my field. Thank you even for the chance to send my Email..

  79. Hi
    i\’ve struggle with my school at USP in Vanuatu. i study and work to buy my school fee,because my parent don\’t work at all but i don\’t finish my foundation course. Before that i really need a scholarship in education(teacher) in deplomer to help me in my study. Thank you for your appreciation and i want to hear from you. Love from claudia salyor from Vanuatu.

  80. I am young Ethiopian, looking for fully funded scholarship in Energy technology, motor vehicle engineering, for PhD Program. Please help me in achieving this very dream of a young African. I am entitled with Masters of Science in energy technology with CGPA of 3.2 with a very good thesis. I appreciate your kindness on this regard.

  81. I was graduated in MPH, I want to pursue my PhD in public health please show me the way how to proceed accordingly. Thank you for your support in advance.

  82. Can i get a full scholarship to study nutrition and dietetics ???… undergraduate course please….
    Just comepleted high school
    Thank you so much
    Hope to hear favourably from you…

  83. I am a somali citizen who wants to achieve my dream to study . Diploma courseI don\\’t have any financial asset to pursue it. I hope that you will count me in for the full scholarship program you have. Thanks.

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