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Tuition fee Online Unicaf Scholarship

The Unicaf college education online was built to offer the underprivileged students possibility to further their college online education by means of earning the international acknowledged qualifications at a low fee cost thru college education online or by gaining a mixed knowledge of most effective Unicaf available university online course. The students who are interested by a UNICAF Scholarship you may easily put up your application online. Be a part of hundreds of college students from Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Malawi, and lots of other nations, who have earned their online degree by pursuing their online courses with the assist of the UNICAF Scholarship Program.

Every scholarship application is being tested and determined upon, relying at the qualification and of financial stability of the students. Those eligible students are being provided a percentage of the scholarship. Unicaf uses a user friendly platform which is available 24 hours for online courses, the online education is impressive. The platform they used for online degree courses are very convenient, students may log in, study and take an exam at their own time, which means throughout their studies they can have available time for their family, work and other important obligations. Isn’t it great?

The Unicaf will consider applicants based on their academic qualifications, the students must meet the requirements entry of the respective study programs. The financial abilities, the students must be able to provide the portion fees of the scholarship application. The country of residences will be based and depend upon a different scholarship and country of the students.

The online classes of UNICAF will allowed students to obtain their higher level education without being in the ordinary classroom. There’s always a convenient in studying through online classes. The experience will be very rewarding as the UNICAF will assist all the students online.

UNICAF scholarships really worth over 75 million US Dollars have already benefitted 15,000 college students in 156 international locations. UNICAF is expanding constantly, with Unicaf college campuses working in Malawi and Zambia and gaining knowledge of Centre’s mounted in seven greater locations in Africa. UNICAF additionally partners with universities inside the West, just like the University of South Wales inside the United Kingdom, to convey worldwide high-quality education, this is low-priced and flexible, to all eligible people round the world.


  1. my name is prince flomo, I from Liberia and have obtain associate Degree in Criminal justice.
    i will firstly want to appreciate your institution for contributing in the lives of many young people around the world and I which to be part of your scholarship.

  2. I am a deaf Cameroonian and I\’m 22 years old. I have completed my high school educational but unfortunate my parent don\’t money to send me to the university to further my education. I\’m interest in scholarship so that I can further my education there. Pls support me

  3. hi, I\’m interested in the scholarship to further my Msc program, don\’t know how and when to apply, thanks

  4. Hi, i have applied and admitted in university of the people to pursue bachelors degree in community and public health with thier assistant by giving me a grant of $60 for my admission processing fee. it is a tuition free school but we are to pay $100 for our assessment fee which i can not afford. Please i need you assistance to pay for that. I lost my parents 10 years ago and do not have help.

  5. I Emmanuel Amara Vandy A Sierra Leonean. I am really interested in the scholarship how can i obtain the application form.

  6. my name is innocent Mwendo, i\’ve obtained my state diploma and i look for a Scholarship.
    help me please !
    +243998868063 is my Whatsapp Number

  7. To,


    Subject: Scholarship Note

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I am Prakriti Ghimire revising in Bachelor in Hotel Management in NATHM . I would like to ask you to kindly grant me a scholarship as I have very poor financial condition and my parents are not willing to pay for my further studies as I am a girl . I have been maintaining certainly good learned record with more than 3.04 in (+2) GPA since my schooling and I assure you that I will present likewise in my degree course furthermore.

    I desire to get into some paid work soon after the completion of my graduation to support my family. Kindly help me by sponsoring my studies . if you want any documents I can send you my documents after your require . Looking forward the respond from you.

    I’ll always remain grateful to you for your kindness..

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,


  8. i am from somalia and i am graduated secondary level of school i want to help me for the give me scholership for level of university please help me sir

  9. I\’m a young underprivileged Namibian and I hold a national diploma requesting for scholarships to further my studies abroad I would to one day drag my family out of poverty i

  10. I will like to appreciate you for your affort. I am a high school graduate, and I want to achieve my dream of becoming a future laboratory technician

  11. l am a diploma holder and looking for a

    scholarship to start my studies with

    Unicaf University.l am a Zimbabwean but can\’t

    afford the tuition.l need your help please .

  12. This scholarship is very much important. I wait for ur consideration so that am able to contiue with my tertiary education

  13. Guys this people are just faking us we have been applying but no schoolarship was given to us it fake if you know what is good find another way ok.

  14. Sir I need the scholarship, to pay my tuition fees at Goodshepherd nursing college. I am doing my diploma in general

  15. hello am Buhle Khumalo from Swaziland. I have a diploma in computer appreciation and application, international communication and also in office procedure .Am willing to continue develop my career but can\’t afford .please help me

  16. Hello Sir/ Madam
    I\’m very interested in that scholarship opportunity because i need scholarship in order to continue my study.


  17. Dear Sir,please help me with your scholarship for me to complete my college otherwise all my effort has being useless please.I am student of Tamale School of Hygiene. Ghana.coarse:Environmental Health .Please help me with financial support for me to achieved my goal please thank you

  18. I will appreciate if you can offer me this scholarship so that can go and continue my education on that side thanks hope to hear from you.

  19. Sir I’m from Pakistan can u guide me the get full scholarship in the field of m Phil leading to phd my qualification 16 year
    In physics and I’m interested to resrch in medical physics

  20. Temesgen Mesfin:
    Hi, dear Sir. Am happy to see you ,I\’m capable to work @ civil engineering works actually now am students but I have great aim to construct buildings ,rods ,dams ,etc ,, and am also interested by mechanical works ,,by lath machine technology. I can speak English very well any opportunity you can help me?

  21. I ve applied for computer science in Unicaf with a fee reduction, but pls am a m arried woman with 5 kids but work & earn a meagre amt . pls i will be delighted if i can achieve total free fees waiver to actualiase my dream in studying computer science.thanks

  22. sir, hereby wan\’t to do ashort course here in kenya. plant-operation and menteinance course. sensei institute of technology situeted in nakuru kenya. i hope you will consider my regurds bye?

  23. sir,thanks so much for that information but is there a full scholarship for a bachelor degree course for civil engineering ?

  24. Thanks for accepting me to study in this university. it has always been my dream to further my studies in order to upgrade myself. I\’m actually at the moment seeking for financial support to actualise this dream.

  25. Thanks for accepting me to study in this university. it has always been my dream to further my studies in order to upgrade myself. I\\’m actually at the moment seeking for financial support to actualise this dream.

  26. l am a female Ugandan aged 20. I just finished my high school education, unfortunately my parents don\’t have enough money for further education, am hoping that you consider me for this chance. Yours Faithfully, Maureen .

  27. hey my names are irene soita from Kenya, I have a bachelors degree in science information technology and I would like to further my education with a master in the same field and finally a phd. kindly can I get any support for my valid dreams.

  28. HELLO,

    I am lynda from camroon please grant me a scholarship to pursue my studies in masters. I am a degree holder in law when i saw this offer i knew this was a way for my dream to come through please contribute to my success by granting me a scholarship.


  29. hello, befor I want to pass my honore, I from in ALGERIA, I am student in electronic engneering,. I have two question:
    The first : as you knew my field (electronic) need pratical work to get best and right information, you can understand easly and get good information in your branch; so ther is possibility to do the pratical work in this scholarship(I understand that this schlarship allow you to gat courses online…)??
    The second: How I can join to benifet ??
    Thank you verry much.

  30. Am Shingai Kaisa E. and am looking for a full cover sponsorship to pursue my first degree in chemical engineering. I am also a tennis player who has represented my country Zimbabwe in many tournaments in the Southern region and have won many awards. I would be very grateful if I am granted this scholarship at a university where I can persue my studies as well as tennis.

  31. Hello sir im mohsin ive done intermediate in 2017 with 86percent marks
    But due to financial problem im unabke to take admission in any engineering universities
    I request for this granting so that i can take admission and to be an extraordinary student without having the worrying thoughts of my fees

  32. I\’ll also be glad if you sponsored me,to further my studies,as it will be the greatest wish to further them,be successful and be able to give back to the community, by sponsoring other students who are in need,just like I was

    Please help me

  33. I\’m Aloud Rasheed from Nigeria, I really need this great offer
    I want to study in unicaf university, B.Sc Computer science

  34. I\’m Amodu Rasheed from Nigeria, I really need this great offer
    I want to study in unicaf university, B.Sc Computer science

  35. I am interested for the scholarship on the program international relation and economic development master degree

  36. April 17,2019 5:34 am

    Thanks I will be very grateful if I\’m accepted as one of the international student and learned.

  37. all the comment here need so bad a scholarship hope we are in we have a lot of dreams but poor finacial support to make our dreams come true

  38. My name is Jeremiah S. Konah, from Liberia who wants graduate full scholarship to read master in Public Health.

  39. I am interested for this scholarships in unicaf i came from phillipines and to finish my ambitions to become a business add some day hoping for this way to continue my dream come true.

  40. I\’m Rev Manasseh Anguandia, I would like to pursue degree in theology, I\’m requesting you to support me with school fees support.

  41. Hi, am Abenezer Alemayhu from Etiopia dear Sir. Am happy to see you ,I\’m civil engineering student in China but I have great aim to work on children, so i want to study child psychology/ psychology I can speak English very well any opportunity you can help me?

  42. Dear sir,
    Please am Abdul Aziz Yakub from Ghana and also an undergraduate student, I have completed senior high school and I offer General Science as a course but due to financial situation am still at house doing nothing better, please I would be very grateful if you would aid me with the scholarship to study computer, medicine or any science related courses thank u.

  43. Sir, Thanks i want to get scholarship from computer security and database
    in Asiona State University

    Thank You

  44. Good evening sir, I\’m from zambia.please kindly help me with the done with grade 12 with good results and I want to do midwifery please help me

  45. Thanks I will be very grateful if I\’m accepted as one of the international student and learned

  46. Good noon Sir, can you please consider me in this scholarship? I\’m from the Philippines and I am in need of financial assistance in order to attend college because I am a low income student. I am the 1st child to attend in college. Although my parents gave me many supports, I received a limited assistance due to low family income. Meanwhile, I am working 19 hours per week to support myself. However, with the increasing tuitions this year, I am facing more challenges on financial need. As a freshman in Computer Science, I wish to spend more time in my studies. Unfortunately, financial burden may lessen my time on mastering the courses I choose. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate a helping hand so that I can successfully obtain my bachelor\’s degree. Awarding this scholarship will make great contribution to my study in Sultan Kudarat State University (Isulan Campus) here in Philippines. This scholarship would allow me to work less and focus more on my studies. Meanwhile, this scholarship will support me to do more on community service and explore my potential in assisting the needs of people. Furthermore, receiving this scholarship will give me more opportunities to attend the conference and expose to newly developed technology. Additionally, awarding this scholarship would further motivate me to pursue academic excellence.

  47. Good day! Can you kindly assist I am interested in pursuing studies in either Public Relations or Administration courses. I will be ready to start in the next 3 months. For further details I am prepared to forward my curriculum vitae.
    Thank You for your time.

  48. My names are Melvin Mudenda, I am kindly looking for a scholarship to study my bachelor\’s degree in computer science, Please help me

  49. May 20, 2019 at 8:29
    I am Mohamed Babah Jalloh, a Sierra Leonean by nationality, My area of Study is Public Health and Clinical Management. I have a B Sc but I am looking support for my Masters program. Grateful, If I can get one

  50. I martin Lukileni, I am currently doing BTEC level 3 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment at National Institute of Technology in Namibia. please support me I want to finish my program

  51. Am interested in this scholarship .Since I left high school I was unable to get my college fee so if such an opportunity is given to me I will be grateful. THANKS IN ADVANCE

  52. Please I need this scholarship because am done with my secondary school but am all alone with no one to assist me to continue my university, so please help me

  53. Hi
    This is Malik.i have done my intet degree and now i want admisson in bachalors.i\’m sure for this scholarship. If you give me this opportunity so i will never let you down
    Thank you

  54. Hi,
    kindly assist me with this scholarship to further my education for I\’m financially vulnerable..
    with regards,
    Sandra Chuulu-zambia.

  55. Its an impressive opportunity and I am grateful that am looking forward to achieve from it grately

  56. I will like to first of all thank the All-Mighty GOD for the opportunity thus far that has been offered me by the UNICAF University to do my D.Ed in Education but at a 60% (US$ 12,000.00) level and still still need a scholarship grant from other friendly and/ or humanitarian donor institutions/organizations to under-write the cost of the remaining 40% which will in the amount of US$ 8000.00. I do earned US$ 300.00 inclusive of tax, and the take home salary is US$204.00, I need to take care of my family, pay monthly rental fees, put food on the table daily for my family, pay hospital bills, school fees and others fees. How will i ever be able to pay for this balance amount of US$ 8000.00 with that kind of salary. This is why I\’m launching this appeal for any organization/institution to intervened as soon as you see this post. Please help your brothers and the LORD will bless you for ever more too.

  57. i am graduated from school and i want to study through scholarships my family is poor but i believe in myself to get scholarship

  58. I am a boy of 18years. I live with my grandma. My parents died on an accident when I was 5 years. Now my grandma is suffering from stroke and she can do anything it. I now feeding her with a little work am doing now. I did science at konongo odumase senior high were i had grade 16.
    I wish to continue but there is no help from anywhere.
    I would be glad when I\’m granted this scholarship. THANK YOU

  59. This scholarship is importance for poor family will happy to be with you for your help

  60. I am very much interested to pursue my studies in Bachelor\’s Degree in Business Administration field. Please email me more information. Thank you.

  61. Good morning sir/madam, I\’m Mark W. Barlee from Liberia west Africa and I\’m interesting in any shcolarship that is available for Agriculture. Sir/ madam I hope or hoping to hear from you soon thank you

  62. Hello, my name is Doreen Maiko a third year student taking bachelor of science in Criminology.I\’m interested please consider me.
    It will help ease out on my parents who are struggling to pay feels for my sibling\’s

  63. Extending help for getting my M.S in Civil Engineering by granting scholarship .Kindly if you could do this please.

  64. I appreciate you for accepting me into this great platform . I bless u all for this. May God grant you guys more fortitude to keep the banner flying. However, still looking forward to getting the scholarship.

    From: Gibson Jonathan Effiong

  65. good day madam/sir

    im gemmea claire gal a freshman that have a many dreams in life but my problem im financialy unstable due to poverty.
    i wish you grant me a scholarship to achieve those dreams of mine.
    i will took a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

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